5 More Easter Prayers

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"Easter eggs - straw decoration" by Jan Kameníček
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Beauty, love, and faith become the same thing as you draw closer to their source. These mysteries are always built through first a swing low, then a rising back up. A winter, then a spring. A crucifixion, then a resurrection.

This is true for the wheat and this is true for you. If times have been tough, remain steadfast and know that you are being reborn yet again.

Easter’s almost here once again! Last year, I gathered up 5 wonderful, affirming Easter prayers and I’ve done so again this year.

May you have a most blessed Easter, dear hearts.

An Easter Sunday Prayer

Source: living-prayers.com

O Lord,

How amazing is your love,
A love that overcomes, endures and redeems.
How astounding is your life,
A life that sustains, heals and creates.
How awesome is your hope,
A hope that promises, restores and inspires.
How absorbing is your truth,
A truth that releases, changes and rebuilds.

How we worship you, as we remember the moment when your love conquered.
When out of the cave of sorrow Jesus arose to release forgiveness to the world.
And each time we encounter this resurrection day we are again lifted to an eternal place.
Our sin, brokenness and darkness fall away and your light and peace flood our lives.
How we thank you for this incredible celebration we call Easter.


Anonymous Easter Prayer

Sources: thoughts-about-god.com and examiner.com

Of all of God’s gifts
Easter shows us our fate
Forgiven we will rise
And pass through Heaven’s gate

This Easter remember
The sacrifice of a Son
And through His resurrection
Eternal life we have won

This Easter I pray
That the love of God
Is resurrected
Reborn, renewed
Inside your heart
God Bless You!


Prayer of Confession

Source: ucc.org

Gracious and loving God, the resurrection of your Son has not pulled us far from our old ways.
Our faith becomes fear in the face of the world’s troubles. We trust more in the power of “the way things are” than in the new life you grant. We hesitate to speak out against wrong, convinced it will do no good. We excuse ourselves from chances to help others, fearing for our security. We stay busy with small concerns to avoid facing our shortcomings.

Holy God, forgive our fears and our doubts.
Plant Easter seeds in us to push through the packed, dead ground of old habits. Transform our suffering into greater faithfulness.
Catch us up into the dance of your Holy Spirit, so that we may find hope and strength for the living of these days.

Prayer for Belief

Source: faithandworship.com

When our faith
stands at the grave,
for a stone that’s rolled away,
forgive us.

When our faith
is short of
though the truth is there to see,
forgive us.

When our faith,
beset by doubt, sees
no further
than an empty tomb today,
forgive us.

Bring to mind
the cry of Mary,
‘I have seen the Lord!’
and grant us faith to believe!

Easter Prayer for Others

Source: lunt.org.uk

Lord our God, we thank and praise you for the greatness of your love, shown to us in Jesus Christ, who was willing to die for us, to bring us into your family, and to bless us with the life that lasts for ever.

We thank you for the new life we celebrate at Easter; help us to keep growing in the life that never comes to an end.

We pray for our families, our friends, and all those we care about: fill them with hope and happiness.

We pray for people who are unhappy today: those who are hungry, or homeless, those who fear violence or harm; may they find protection and peace.

We pray for those who are ill, or facing difficulties: may they find hope in the cross of Christ, and be strengthened by the knowledge of your love.

Lord, accept our prayers, and be with us now and for ever.

He told them, “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.
Luke 24:46-47

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