A Different Independence Day

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"Fourth of July fireworks behind the Washington Monument,
" by Camera Operator: SSGT. LONO KOLLARS -
This Image was released by the United States Air Force.
Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

This Independence Day holds a far different meaning for me than previous ones. My second child, my daughter, will be born this month. I feel God’s working in my life as He calls me into a new spiritual path. I also feel stirrings to resume the music I’ve abandoned for two decades. Changes started long ago will likely manifest at the company I work for. Other things I’ve long avoided have become inevitable.

This Independence Day, to me, is a celebration of multiple breaking-aways from ego… I am being set free from the artificial framework that it’s taken me so very long to define and grow into. I have finally outgrown it, which is amazing, scary, and wonderful.

I pray for this for each and every one of you. Dear hearts, I hope for a great intercession in your lives.

May you break free from those little ideas about yourself. This month, may you find independence from all those unnecessary limitations that have arisen from fear and habit.

If you’ve been caught up in a repeating cycle that’s kept you low and unhappy, may this month mark the beginning of your next great rebirth. And, if you’ve been in a cycle that’s kept you safe and comfortable, may your rebirth begin too – so that you awaken from the slumber of routine.

It’s not so very different, this independence that I hope for us, than the Independence Day we celebrate today. On this day, the United States rejected colonialism and decided they were no longer a part of the British Empire. May we reject the roles, boundaries, and limitations given to our minds by the colonialism of society. May we decide that now, here, we will make a stand against all that seeks to establish hierarchy between living beings – though that means a great struggle may come.

May sparks of holiness and enlightenment be your fireworks. May your parade be of the specters of fear as they march finally and completely out of your mind and spirit. May your fairs and picnics be farewell celebrations as you set sail, once again and yet as for the first time, into the grand mystery with much cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

In other words, may you move toward freedom. That is my wish for you, this Independence Day.

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