A Willing Heart

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In your marriage, would you rather your spouse picked you because he or she had no other options, or because you were the delight of his or her heart?

As a parent, would you rather force your children into obedience or have them accept your guidance?

As a friend, do you prefer those who only ask favors or those who can enjoy a conversation?

As a colleague, would you rather work with those who enjoy their labors or those who can’t wait to leave?

In any of your relationships, don’t you prefer someone with a willing heart? Not those with no other options, or who insist on their own way, or who are forever despairing. Willing hearts are jewels we seek.

But not just us – no, consider this place we’ve found ourselves in, there is another Seeker.

We find ourselves in a world where we constantly choose between love or fear, light or darkness, the Kingdom or the empire. We are given options, as any glad marriage arises out of.

We find ourselves in a world where we are guided, but never forcefully compelled – just as we would prefer our parent-child relationships to work.

We find ourselves in a world where we are given nearly everything without asking, where grace is spoken in singing birds, green fields, and blue skies. There’s not much to ask for, is there?

In our most fundamental relationships between ourselves and the world, shouldn’t we come to everything with a willing heart? Has not everything been perfectly arranged so that we can choose, but are not forced, into a most wonderful relationship with the very foundation of existence?

Your willing heart is the jewel that the One, the Creator, seeks among all the people. When you embrace Him through the world, yourself, and all that is – when you choose love freely and without expectation – you can feel the Sacred Heart being gladdened. You can feel song and light pulse a little stronger in the river of creation, in His veins.

Darkness is an anvil, free will is a forge – here we craft hearts.

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