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Matt CatlettMy name is Matthew Catlett. I’m the father of two young children, husband of a wonderful woman, and the aspiring author who writes the original posts on this blog and curates the links on the home page. Professionally, I’m a web development consultant working under the business name Peripheral Sight, LLC. I live in southern California.

My preferred writing topic is spirituality, although I also write on self improvement, business, and various other topics. This is because I believe that spirituality is essentially synonymous with happiness, and that happiness is essentially a way of describing a life well-lived.

Since I so often get questions about my practice, I describe myself as most closely following Zen Buddhism with a special affection for Christian mysticism. From that, you’ll get offerings reflecting multiple religious traditions. I am moved by the Divine Feminine, find Rumi to be profound, and take flight when I contemplate Brahman. I make no lines and agree with Lord Tennyson:

The great good God looked down and smiled and counted each His loving child, for monk and Brahmin, Turk and Jew, loved Him through the gods they knew.

You can read some of my other work on these sites:
» The Binary Myth on Inspire Me Today®
» The Art of Seeing the Sky – How to Find Freedom and Compassion on Inspire Me Today®
» Fortified Activities: 3 Ways To Find Happiness In Your Task List on Dumb Little Man

I’m grateful for every reader who enjoys what I offer. Reading what someone has written gets you into their mindscape, if they write with honesty and without ulterior motives. That’s true regardless of the literal truth of the words, fiction or nonfiction. In life, you are free when you can act without inhibition – when you are intimate with the world through which you move. The honest written word is intimacy that transcends generations. It’s expression into the void, where you as writer are being intimate with any who care to engage you. Thank you for coming closer to me.

May you understand enlightenment and Heaven as the illumination underlying the manifestation of your life right now.


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