Affirmation: I Create Beauty

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Rayonnant rose window in Notre Dame de Paris.
By Krzysztof Mizera (Own work)
[GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Beauty is love, love is truth, and truth is One. Today’s affirmation is an intention toward living prayer.

Prayer is not just an action you take when you’re on your knees struggling with something negative in your life. Prayer isn’t just thankfulness or requests. Prayer is a tone of your action – a way you live your life. It’s a quality that you can imbue into anything you do by lifting your eyes toward the light while you do it.

Speak this affirmation aloud or hear it echo in your mind, but let it orient you towards light and bliss either way. And as always, dear ones, may your blessings abound.

Today, I will create beauty both in the world and within me. I will do this by choosing to perceive grace and by extending love and peace to all that I perceive. Both my perception and my extension are methods of my creation.

There is beauty in all things I perceive.

In every broken thing, there is the lifetime of good use and helpful intention laid to a wonderful rest. No matter the mistaken beliefs of those who made it or the outrageous acts that finished it off, there was a time when any object served dutifully and happily. That servitude was not toward me, but rather toward God and all the Children of God. That servitude abounds eternally in it, and no change of time or space can dull that echoing gem.

In every broken person, there is a spark of divine light that glows with the purity of Heaven. Today, I will look to see the Child of God within every person around me. All his or her actions are either expressions of love or requests for love. In my utter forgiveness of everyone, I redeem them and myself. In my brothers and sisters, I find the glorious and happy gathering of souls on a shining path back to Source.

All pathways, actions, and objects abound in the beauty of the servitude of the Children of God. All living creatures glow with the embers of their Creator, the One and the Infinite. Beauty abounds in nature and in man-made things alike, and my appreciation of the gloriousness of the Father can only be obscured by mistaken resentment of the lesser makers I misinterpret as Origin.

I lay down interpretations of beauty so that I may perceive grace.

The world reflects me – I can perceive nothing except through my free will and choice of ego versus spirit. By laying down the interpretations, I am choosing to allow spirit to guide my perception. No ego-driven sexuality, belief in scarcity, or fear of my brother will separate me from love.

All creatures move within a divine sea of grace – nothing truly exists except through the Will of God. When I perceive something does not arise through love, I know that I’ve chosen illusion and interpretation over truth. All negativity is through my own choice, so today I choose love instead.

I choose to perceive nothing except love and requests for love. The illumination of all this love will brighten the world I perceive until I know it as grace. The illumination will light my own inner spark and I will know the only truth.

Today, I create beauty by extending love and peace.

I recognize the divine spark in all beings. I see that God is in all things. Love and peace are in all things.

Therefore, today if I am confronted by people suffering from ego, I will offer them kindness and gentle nudging back toward their centers.

Therefore, today I will not be ashamed of my enthusiasm, happiness, or awkwardness. I am a most perfect creation of the Creator, and no derisions of suffering men can cloud my childish happiness as I float on the sea of grace.

Therefore, today I will do everything slowly and with the intention of connection – of breaching the false gap of isolation between all beings. I will create beauty with my courage to do things I’ve never done before, to be simply human in the face of the meaningless social contracts, and to love unabashedly.

I will hand out smiles and hug people. I will help all beings to remember themselves and, by so doing, I will remember myself.

Today, I will create beauty.

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