Affirmation: A Being of Light

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All this life and all these struggles are just the breaking crest of a single wave.

You are an ocean of light with vast expanse and imponderable depth, that gives rise to the wave that reaches upward so.

This affirmation is dedicated to the divine bliss of your spiritual essence. Speak it aloud or say it in your mind with heart and kindness, and you’ll find yourself again.

I am a being of light.

I am not this body with its health and sickness, growth and decline, birth and death. This body is the form of one of my waves only.

I am not this mind with its interpretations and games, plans and intelligence, fear and pride. This mind is the sound of one of my waves only.

I am the underlying stillness and vastness that has committed to this wave, one among many. My tranquility is underlined through this minor rushing and movement.

I am the light that eternally shines through all of these mortal vessels. Though my embodiment arises and subsides, that oscillation is nothing more than a device so that my radiance glitters and gleams.

I am the ocean of light and my movement is life. But my movement is not my most fundamental nature. It is not even necessary.

I am an avatar of light.

I have become confounded by my own movement. I have confused the form and sound of my wave with my being through my misplaced concentration and focus. No longer.

I release the debased games of forms and animality. Instead, I reclaim my right and heritage of love and compassion. All forms are yet more movements of the one infinite sea of consciousness. All creatures are my brothers and sisters, for the lines of separation are just distance in myself through time and space.

I release the debased games of desire and control. Instead, I reclaim my right and heritage of nobility and grace. All expressions are just the one infinite sea of consciousness experiencing itself. All social games and insecurity are merely the patterns of the merging waves rising again and again through the generations, and the sound of each wave contains the same beauty as the sound of all this ocean singing to the stars.

I release the debased walls of ego that I have used to try to freeze the movement of this wave. I release all attachment and self-concern. Let all creatures be peaceful. Let all be healed. Let all be consoled out of their false sense of isolation, through me.

I am an avatar of light, and my song will help my brothers and sisters remember the tranquil depths and mirroring of the sky and sea. I radiate peace and tranquility to all – this is my song.

I am whole, I am happy, and I am holy.

There is nothing to fear or cling to in the rising and subsiding of the waves.

Perhaps this body or this mind are better today than they were yesterday, or perhaps they are worse. I offer myself both love and compassion no matter the height of the wave, for it is lovely in both the form of this instant and the journey of my life. I lack nothing. I am whole.

Perhaps I have paid tribute to unreal things or have been caught up in the frenzy of a storm. I offer my brothers and sisters both love and compassion no matter their clarity or confusion, for it is lovely that we have met on these roads and can walk together a while. Nothing that is real can be lost. I am happy.

I exist in silence, calm, and centeredness. I contain everything that can be truly desired, for I am one with the one infinite sea of consciousness. I remember that I am the godhead experiencing itself. I am holy.

All of the fear, pain, and confusion washes out of me as a subsiding wave. I breathe out.

All of the light of grace, joy, and compassion rushes in and fills me to the brim. I breathe in.


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