Affirmation of Constancy

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Votive candles at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis
"Votive candles" by Tiger Craven - Own work.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Let us face this and every day with constancy. When we suffer, let us do so with the intention that our suffering be an alleviation of others’ suffering and the process by which we are perfected into spiritual wholeness. When we are not restful, let us seek divine guidance to bring healing and resolution to that which has caused us to lose our peace. When we are uncertain in the changing tides, let us remember the holy, boundless love and grace that underlies all form.

Today, let us inwardly contemplate and outwardly act this affirmation of constancy.

I remain faithful to the light no matter how the darkness seeks entry into my mind and spirit.

All the darkness of fear, anger, attachment, and selfishness comes out of error – misunderstanding of the eternal love and boundless compassion in which we swim as fish in the sea. Each correction of that misunderstanding is a miracle that banishes darkness, causing it to simply vanish as all darkness does when light becomes visible. Today, I choose to see only love and requests for love in the world and in myself. Seeing only love, I respond with only love. Today, I choose the miracle.

All the suffering that my mortal form endures and that I see as a blight on my brothers and sisters in the world arises out of uncorrected error. Therefore, where I find it in my power to correct the errors, I will bring love and compassion to each situation and thereby absolution and healing from suffering. But, where I find it is not in my power to salve suffering, I will instead accept the suffering as a sharing of the holy suffering of Jesus – which, being born gladly and with cheerfulness, resolves the suffering of others. Today, I choose to be a healer in all situations where I can do so. Today, I actively choose and seek to carry on my shoulders all the suffering of the world – to heal it by choosing more and yet more suffering for myself that it lessen the darkness in the world and bring more people to wholeness and holiness.

For, when I am not strong, my holy companion comes into me and helps me bear any burden, even the world itself.

For, as I choose love again and again, I am a light-working Child of God dissolving the veil between Heaven and Earth.

I do not allow the intimidations and social constraints to cage my soul.

I abandon all attempts at comfort and selfish security, for it is not within me to bring about such protection and grace as I am offered by God. Instead, I choose always to act with love and compassion for others, trusting both them and myself wholly to providence.

Having brushed aside the pathways by which ego and darkness enter, there remain within me nagging little discontents – complaints about injustice and inequity in the world. Knowing that, I offer them up in holy contemplation during my times of prayer and wait patiently for the answer. When I am given the answer, I act upon it with full faith in the ultimate positive resolution of any and all circumstances.

For it is not my strength that I depend on to fulfill the holy Will, and I do not allow my limited conceptions of possibility or reasonability to hinder my obedience to the Will of God.

For, though I have long wandered a dream where forms of God have been thought low and little, all thoughts of hierarchy and power are dissolved as I perceive that holiness and divinity is in all things. There is not many, but only One – and no man or institution of man can tear that asunder.

No matter the result, I endure and try again.

Being raised by this current of grace that upwells from the very ground of existence, I can only be momentarily discouraged. The fundamental essence of all beings is the unchanging Mind of God, and that within me can never be harmed or changed. My physical form will be destroyed, but I will never be – knowing this, I am never long dissuaded by the resignation and trap of despair. As a holy servant, I endeavor eternally to be dependable and teachable.

For, it is through my servitude that I gain my freedom, through my suffering that I heal, and through my love that I live.

For, through contemplation and embodiment of this affirmation of constancy, I am an unwavering votive candle – and though I may be taken to places of darkness, it is only that I may light many more candles there… until the whole world itself is purely the burning of the Sacred Heart.

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