Affirmation: Serenity Prayer

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St Dominic in Prayer, by El Greco
El Greco [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Today, let us affirm that we are not powerless in the face of adversity and the seeming darkness. We are never without recourse, never without hope, never without bliss so long as we remain faithful to spirit, truth, and ourselves. The Serenity Prayer is our mantra for recovery and remembrance.

It is as much a commitment to faith and acceptance for ourselves as it is our dedication to help all those who wander through shadows.

Serenity Prayer
“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.”

I Accept The Things I Cannot Change

I look upon the world and see the darkness I have not yet burned out of myself. Much that I observe takes forms outside of the limits of my worldly body. People struggle and suffer everywhere. There is a blight of faithlessness, materialism, and greed across the land. The children and the animals cry out in soundless pain, and I hear them.

I look upon myself and see the darkness that I have not yet burned out of the world. I remain attached to idle pastimes and occupations, cycling in and out of joy and melancholy. I remain fearful of imagined things that have not happened, for I imagine a capricious world that moves randomly and outside of my circle of influence. I still want to be simple, honest, and happy… and thus, I have made it so there are times when I am not so.

Today, I accept the many things that I cannot change. I cannot change the forms of the illusions formed by my fear. I cannot change the blindfolds I’ve fashioned for myself. I cannot create the world as I would have it, for every attempt I make to control the world and myself further obscures the truth and drags me down into deeper wells of darkness.

I Change The Things I Can

I look again upon the world and see that everywhere there are opportunities to make tiny, imperceptible movements toward joy. Although suffering abounds, I arrive everywhere able to wash the wounded in my loving-kindness. I carry an endless bag of smiles, hugs, and happy laughter that replenishes and nourishes the world as I travel through it. Although I have my struggles, I do not retreat.

I look again upon others and see that every living being carries the divine spark. I recognize that none are unloved by God, that all are forever forgiven and holy as the lost Children of God. In my brothers and sisters, I see myself reflected – I wash them of all condemnation and judgment, thereby washing myself. Let none be small, nor none lesser or greater, for all are holy. In this perception, I see that I am burning the darkness out of the world and myself.

Today, I accept that I am forever presented with the opportunity to be of spiritual service. I cannot change the forms of fear, but I can be a light against it. I cannot change my blindfolds, but I can look through them into the light. I cannot create the world as I would have it, but the true world that has been created contains only love and perfection. I work toward uncovering this everywhere, in all things.

I Know The Difference

I know that I am helpless to change the forms of fear and attack, that they grow bitter and unpredictable forests from the smallest negative word I utter. I am not a worker of illusion, although I am a maker of it. I lay the mastery of forms down as outside of my power.

I know that I am unable to create what has already been created, that I cannot make a happy world or reinvent myself as superior to my brothers and sisters. I am not a creator on the scale of the Creator, although I am a creator of further love. Nothing but love exists, nothing else may I create; everything else is made illusion.

I know that I am limitless power in the reality of love, that I never walk alone. Whatever addictions or imagined sins I have gathered are easily transformed, but not through me – they are transformed when I give them to that boundless higher power that I sense beyond all horizons. The divine sits in stillness within me, walks with me as I go, and has His Hand outstretched to lead me out of the valley of the shadow of death.

Today and forever, I will give over all those burdens which are beyond me to my higher power, that I may be resurrected in love rather than damned into the false comfort of hopeless inevitability. Those burdens that I can carry, though, I willingly do in my eternal dance with the Beloved.

I know that it is my birthright to recover and remember the light, the truth, and the holiness. Only this may I do, and it is amazing. Today, I affirm that I do this gladly and with my whole heart.

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