Affirmation: Thankful for Afflictions

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At the center of this wheel of life are a pig, a bird, and a snake
- the three poisons of ignorance, attachment, and aversion
that are considered to cause suffering in Buddhism.
By Redtigerxyz (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Any work which is pointed at the alleviation of suffering may be called spiritual. Virtues like compassion, equanimity, and kindness bear fruit in us just as we bring their fruits to others. In no sense should we wish affliction for our fellow beings.

Yet, we must be thankful for our own afflictions. Our life journeys and the unveiling of the Kingdom are made possible by the darkness we encounter – there would be no movement were there no land to travel. Through affliction, we are reborn. First winter, then summer. First death, then resurrection. First affliction, then bliss. This is ascension.

So, today, let us affirm our gratitude for the suffering we have undergone. Feel free to adapt the below affirmation to your own language and history; this is my offering and I hope you enjoy it, but no two facets of the Divine are the same and doubtlessly you have been instructed by the Beloved in different ways.

I am thankful for afflictions in my life. Looking back, I can see how they have polished and elevated me.

I am thankful for my lonely childhood. Through it, I learned to love the written word that has revealed entire worlds to me. Through it, I have also learned to love solitude and enjoy my own company. I am a friend to myself.

I am thankful for the struggles of identity in my early adulthood. Through them, I learned that no single environment, relationship, or belonging is persistent enough to define me. I am born again, new, every morning.

I am thankful for the conflicts of parenting and with my loved ones. Through them, I have found those fragments of self I abandoned long ago and am able to welcome them back into my mind. Through the conflicts of parenting, I have discovered reliance on the Beloved and, through Him, the universe and the Divine. I am never alone and I am a collaborative guardian of all Children of God.

I am thankful for the difficult clients, friends, and acquaintances that have, at times, walked with me in my life journey. Through them, I discovered those parts of myself that are difficult to directly face – but that bloom beautifully with my careful attention. I am equal, not greater or lesser, to all beings.

I am thankful for the bodily pains that have marked my journey, for they have guided me away from the commercial exploitation of animals and given me a profound affection for the bounties of the garden. My body is an extension of the garden and a part of this Earth.

I am thankful even for my addictions, those that I have overcome and those that still arise to distress me. Through them, I have learned to be constantly faithful and patient. I have also learned compassion for the negative behavior of those who have been similarly possessed. I am strong through spirit, not ego.

Finally, I am thankful for afflictions in my life that I have yet to learn my lessons from. Looking back, I can see the fruit that arose from each past suffering and I am confident that all things are a part of divine guidance. I am a willing student of the Beloved, and accept without clinging or resistance all which arises with complete faith and trust.

Blessings, dear hearts – may your days be lovely.

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