5 Affirmations for Suffering

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A detail of the 1672 sculpture Entombment of Christ,
showing Mary Magdalene crying.
By Vassil (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Today, let us set our intention on affirmations for suffering. Let us affirm that we can perceive the grace available to us through it. Let us affirm that we can give suffering purpose and meaning in this world.

Although we should never have faith in suffering, we should never ignore or refuse it. Suffering is an illusion in the grand scheme of reincarnation and holy return. We must welcome it in that knowledge, for the power lies in each of us to use suffering as an instrument to heal and cleanse the world.

And when we heal and cleanse the world, we heal and cleanse ourselves.

Please take a moment to reflect upon the bounty and blessings you offer the world because of your suffering, dear hearts. Say these words to yourself.

I never intentionally cause suffering and I help alleviate suffering when I perceive it.
God grant me the serenity and knowledge to avoid inflicting pain on any being. God grant me also the compassion and capability to see and alleviate suffering in others.

I carry suffering with the strength and patience of a Child of God.
God grant me the fortitude and unwavering faith to abide through all valleys of darkness. In my heart of hearts, I know that there is always resurrection after crucifixion when undergone in the name of holiness.

I am never alone in my suffering.
I face the darkness in myself peacefully, for I am not alone. My holy companion is here with me always, and He will help shoulder the weight when my strength is not enough.

I carry all suffering for those I love.
Let my loved ones be happy, healthy, and enthusiastic – even if that means I must have cloudy vision, be wounded, or gaze into the void. I gladly pay whatever karmic debts my loved ones have accrued.

All beings everywhere are purified by my suffering.
My struggles with desire and fear heal attachment for everyone, my discontent dissolves the confusion and illusion for everyone. Through me, all beings advance more quickly to enlightenment and Heaven.

Let the fire of my purification ultimately erase all egos everywhere, that the Sonship be fully restored and know itself as holy. God grant that I be His holy vehicle.

I rise and enter the day happy and whole. May all beings be free, healthy, and holy.


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