All that must be accomplished will be achieved.

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In my last post, I wrote that “all that must be accomplished will be achieved.” This is a statement of faith, forgiveness, and detachment.

At the surface level, all beings bound up in time inevitably go through their seasons. Like a wave, your body will swell out of nothing, crest and crash, and subside back into nothing. Like a tree, your mind will sprout and reach upward through winters and summers, perhaps bear fruit, and then crack and tumble to the ground. Looking at your schedule and ambitions, nothing there is required of you. All that must be accomplished will be achieved inevitably.

Recognizing the inevitable seasons of your life, as it passes like a lightning flash, reveals the hollowness of ambition after financial wealth and popularity. You cannot make anything permanent of this incandescent bubble. This is not a creeping despair – this is a freedom to love and laugh, to fully live your life.

When we can honor love without clinging to the forms it takes, we are free. Although we grieve the loss of those we love, nothing is truly lost in the timeless.

He who seeks after permanence and recognizes the transitory nature of life often turns to spirituality for refuge. There, one seeks after eternity of the soul or timelessness of heaven. For, in our meditations and prayers, we sense that the truth of existence is not bound up in time – our lives and minds are but mere aggregations swelling around a point of consciousness. But the seeking is itself another veil: he who seeks after happiness remains unhappy and he who seeks after enlightenment remains unenlightened. You cannot use time to uncover the timeless.

You do not need to. Enlightenment and heaven are with you now; they are both within and around you. It is the veils that keeps you from seeing them, but they are fabrications. The veil of seeking after physical and mental security will inevitably disperse when your time in this place ends. The veil of seeking after the timeless in time will inevitably disperse when you emerge from the dream. All right practice is about easing and speeding. We seek to ease our passage by choosing to free ourselves rather than to have our attachments ripped away and our fears forced upon us. We seek to speed our passage by earnestly applying ourselves to the lessons of the Beloved, so that we can more quickly feel His loving arms through the illusion. But these right practices are not necessary, because we will be freed and we will awaken eventually, inevitably. Life lessons strip away our conditioning until only right practices remain.

It is to avoid suffering that we avoid the attachments that entangle our legs during our life journey. Yet, even if we are not successful and choose the harder road, we are not abandoned. The Beloved is with us, patiently appearing again and again as different loved ones, enemies, gifts of grace, and obstacles to help us complete our creation. Whether we return again to this world or continue our lessons in another one does not matter. Just as enlightenment and heaven are intrinsic to the very nature of the Children of God – so is the Beloved. Whatever the realms, so long as we are bound up in time through our conditioning, we continue to be guided out of the duality we impose upon ourselves. Do not be troubled that the Beloved seems distant or might abandon you – He chose you before time began.

The loving or tumultuous relationships we need to acknowledge the parts of ourselves we have abandoned will recur in different forms until we become integrated again. Whether we hide in cities or mountaintop caves, the accuser and tempter will recur in different forms until we can companionably have tea with it without submission – for the dark one is our own desire for dominion. Our passages are widely different, yet they are the same for we are each a varied viewpoint of the same whole, universal consciousness. I was, am, and will be you. You were, are, and will be the snail you crush in the garden. We are that sun that warms us, the fragrance in flowers, and the entire universe in droplets.

At the deepest level, all that must be accomplished will be achieved because it has already been achieved. You have the buddha-nature, Jesus Christ dwells in you, and you have passed through the doorway into the Kingdom. We writhe in fever dreams on Heaven’s floor because of self-imposed illness, but the fever will pass without any striving or clinging on your part. Indeed, the fever arises because of striving and clinging.

Sometimes through ignorance and sometimes through choice, the ocean focuses on the wave and forgets itself for a while. Either way, to be a wave is a grand adventure and we are blessed.

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