An Easter Blessing

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A sour cherry blooming in spring
By Benjamin Gimmel, BenHur (Own work)
[GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Let us gather our hearts and unite in an Easter blessing for all beings.

Where darkened valleys have covered some of us, let the dark vanish before the light. Where brutal giants have put some of us in cages, let spirit proclaim dominance, shatter the cages, and slay the giants.

Everywhere there has been crucifixion, let there now be resurrection. Let there be renewal everywhere.

May all illusions of time and space vanish. Let the eternal and unchanging, although boundlessly growing, essential truth of love shine.

May all those who struggle discover their perceptions of the tiny million miracles we are surrounded by. In that discovery, let Heaven’s gate loom in the hearts of all creatures as we release the clinging patterns of the past and grasping anxieties of the future. Let all beings be peaceful.

May all those who suffer find the strength to dedicate their suffering to the alleviation of suffering in all others. In that strength, let everyone be healed as we each willingly take on the pain of the world to heal it. Let all beings be whole and healthy.

May all those who unknowingly worship at the false altars of materialism, pride, or anger see that they have been worshipping their egos, fictions that will die in time. Let all beings be free of the weight of attachment, let all beings be enlightened.

May the Children of God realize that we are all but one Child. Let scarcity, domination, and selfishness disappear by this realization.

This Easter, let all children know they are loved. Let all animals be free. Let all addicts find the stillness to let their triggers waste away. Let all people know that none is less than the other, that all are holy and created. Let all beings everywhere shine together so that the universe itself is reborn in loving kindness, bliss, and joy. Let the will of the Father be done.

Happy Easter, dear friends.

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