As The Light Turns

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Programming Life: As The Light Turns
Knysna, South Africa
By Geraldbrowne - Own work
CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

The sun rises and falls, the light arises and subsides. As the light turns, the land darkens into incomprehensible mystery and lightens to ephemeral beauty. That which is mundane and trivial during the day is often enchanting as the light withdraws from it; that which is vast becomes vaster still as the sun’s presence withdraws.

The seasons turn as the light turns. The sleepy, arid heat of summer and the windy, moist cold of winter are as noon and midnight in their pinnacles. Spring is the dawn for new life; autumn is the setting sun. A day is a year in miniature.

Our lives also turn as the light turns. It is only as our skin loses its elasticity and our hair recedes that we realize that night and winter is upon us. A life, a season, and a day can all stop short, be interrupted, this is true… but many will linger as they leave, subsiding like the fading of the light.

When you sleep, your mind and body are the lands in this unique experience. Your awareness withdraws like the sun journeying over the horizon, your consciousness turns as the light turns. While you are off illuminating and traversing other places, this self and these things lay in darkness, awaiting your return. For you, your awareness, is the sun… without your witnessing, there is no self, no life, no year, no day.

When the teachers tell us to let go of attachments, they are telling us to not grab fiercely at the land over which we turn. When they tell us not to fear death, they are telling us not to flinch as we gaze ahead at the horizon… for, no matter how the land changes, the horizon can never be reached by our kind. Our witnessing will warm whatever land or sea we find in the great beyond.

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