August 2014 Rundown – 101 Links

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Another month come and gone! Nearly every day, I add my favorite articles from around the web to the home page, then at the end of the month I present them to you in a collection. This is the collection for August 2014.

My hope is that these collections help those in troubled or unfocused times… each link a little light in a dark sky. Blessings again, my friends.

10 Highlights from August 2014

Ultimately, I hope that I have presented you with a resource that you will return to if and when you have need for it. But, in case you don’t – here’s my top ten list, my favorite articles that you should be sure to read.

  1. How to Change Someone’s Story –
  2. Mother Theresa of Calcutta –
  3. The Sunrise is Gone –
  4. Sir Lyonel’s Choice –
  5. You Don’t Have to Plan Your Business (or Your Life) –
  6. Living in oneness –
  7. Finding the Divine Inside –
  8. A simple guide to practical spirituality –
  9. Borrowing A Beat Down On Your Way To Greatness. –
  10. Minimalist Madness: An Obsession With Possession –


The garden of your heart leads you into the meadows and forests of bliss, should you seek to turn to warm yourself in the sunlight. Here are some seeds for your garden.

  1. 4 Signs You’re Afraid To Follow Your Heart –
  2. 7 Life-Changing Lessons From My Life’s Lowest Point –
  3. 7 Ludicrous Lies You Keep Telling Yourself –
  4. A Relationship Worth Protecting –
  5. Book Review: The Return of Merlin, by Deepak Chopra –
  6. Borrowing A Beat Down On Your Way To Greatness. –
  7. Depression and the Call to Adventure –
  8. Drowning Men in the Sea of Happiness –
  9. Finding Your Footing in New Beginnings –
  10. How to Change Someone’s Story –
  11. How You Can Find Yourself By Losing Yourself –
  12. July 2014 Rundown – 140 Links –
  13. Just leave me to do my work! –
  14. Keep Your Fork –
  15. Kundalini rising (A poem for your fire) –
  16. Life on Repeat –
  17. Making Yourself Work –
  18. Mother Theresa of Calcutta –
  19. Mystic Songs –
  20. On sanity and self-inquiry –
  21. Simplicity and Virtue –
  22. Sir Lyonel’s Choice –
  23. Stepping a Little Closer to “The Truth.” –
  24. Stop Blaming Your Day Job –
  25. Taking Time to Play –
  26. The Burdens Loom –
  27. The Extra Kiss (Poem) –
  28. The Marching Numbers –
  29. The Sunrise is Gone –
  30. To Pay Attention is Our Greatest Work. –
  31. Transforming Difficulty into Joy –
  32. What Ties Possibility and Expression –
  33. When Nothing Feels Like Enough: Filling the Void of Spiritual Need –
  34. You could wreck this (if you want to) –
  35. Your Greatest Responsibility –


It’s not always easy to see the light, the warmth, the humanity and love. We must lend our convictions to those truths that ennoble us against the dark – belief is the means by which we can have the eyes to see.

  1. 3 Truths About Spiritual Clumsiness –
  2. 6 Mantras For Accomplishing Your Wildest Dreams –
  3. Allowing Your Inner Turmoils to Untangle –
  4. Finding the Divine Inside –
  5. Krishna: The Original Avatar –
  6. One for All and All for One, Once and for All –
  7. The First Step to Managing Change –
  8. The Lesson of the Koi. –
  9. The Sights of Darkness and Light –
  10. The Stories We Tell into Reality –
  11. This Path to Awakening. –
  12. Who Is Really In Control? –

Individual Improvement

The practicality of spirituality and of happiness is easily confused by greed or fear – drives based on ego that lock us into cages we fashion in our hearts. Having the heart and the eyes, we must yet learn how to wander free.

  1. 12 Reasons To Go Plant-Based –
  2. 5 Everyday Practices to Living the Good Life –
  3. 8 Alerts You’re Overworked Even When You Don’t Feel You Are (Go Home Now!) –
  4. A simple guide to practical spirituality –
  5. Appreciation: A Truly Humane Art –
  6. Backlogged? Work Like You’re Going On Vacation –
  7. Carl Jung on living an authentic life –
  8. Creating Boundaries Between You and Your Bad Habits –
  9. Frugality and Hoarding –
  10. How Mood Is Affected By #Food –
  11. How To Access A Divine Perspective In The Face Of Extreme Pain –
  12. How to Believe in Yourself –
  13. How to Help Kids Cope with Irrational Fears –
  14. How to Smack Down Your Inner Critic Once and For All –
  15. How To Use Spirituality To Recover From Addiction –
  16. I Pulled Away From My Tribes (And Why You May Want To) –
  17. I Was So Afraid of Failing That I Wasn’t Really Living. Here’s How I Took My Sanity Back –
  18. Inhabit the Moment –
  19. Living in oneness –
  20. Minimalist Madness: An Obsession With Possession –
  21. Overcome Social Anxiety with the 3-Second Rule –
  22. Own Your Attention, It’s All You Really Have –
  23. Reactive Versus Responsive, How to Change –
  24. Selecting Projects Wisely –
  25. Stop Trying To Change Who You Are! –
  26. Taming the Wild Horse Mind –
  27. The 6 Most Surprisingly Unhealthy Beverages –
  28. The Best Thing a Parent Can do for a Highly Emotional Child –
  29. The Importance of Self-Awareness, and How to Become More Self Aware –
  30. The Inner World of Trauma –
  31. The Lies Your Mind Tells You to Prevent Life Changes –
  32. The Vitamin Which May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia –
  33. Triune Brain: How to Switch Off Anger, Scarcity Mindset and Fear –
  34. When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Help –
  35. Why Being Idle Can Lead to Better Thinking –
  36. You Don’t Have to Plan Your Business (or Your Life) –

Community Awareness

Finally, those who wander into the woods of bliss must inevitably return to the towns. Here are the tides of the people, our community of hearts who seek to rise above the power structures.

  1. American Banks Just Posted Their Second-Highest Quarterly Profit On Record –
  2. Arizona Church Defies Immigration Officials, Shelters Undocumented Immigrant –
  3. Bangladesh garment workers win overdue pay after 11-day hunger strike –
  4. Big Oil Companies Pay Just A 11.7 Percent Tax Rate, Report Finds –
  5. Duke Energy Spilled At Least 5,000 Gallons Of Diesel Into The Ohio River On Monday –
  6. For Many Vietnam Veterans, The War Still Isn’t Over –
  7. How to Tell Your Kids “No” When It Comes to Spending –
  8. India Makes CSR A Requirement for Companies –
  9. It Takes A Village To Help Teens Battle Depression –
  10. Missouri Governor Declares State Of Emergency In Ferguson, Sets Curfew –
  11. Monsoon Floods Hit North India, 200 Villages under Water –
  12. Nestle Makes New Animal Welfare Commitments –
  13. Not Necessarily a Bad Thing! When Your Child Won’t Listen #Parenting –
  14. Nurturing the Littlest of Souls –
  15. There Is A Man In Texas Who Has Been Imprisoned 34 Years Without A Conviction –
  16. Thousands surround British nuclear weapons factory in seven-mile-long ‘peace scarf’ –
  17. U.N. Releases Shocking New Estimate Of People Killed In Syria –
  18. U.S. Judge: Federal Government Can Seize Emails Even If They’re Stored Overseas –

Previous Rundowns

This wasn’t as big as most previous rundowns, but still I’d be surprised to hear that you ran out of reading! Yet, there’s hundreds more from previous months for such avid readers. 🙂

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