Bad for Business

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It’s not in the pharmaceutical companies’ best interest that you be healthy. It’s preferable, from their business point of view, to treat symptoms rather than causes – which is why lifestyle changes, vitamin therapy, and meditation are not the core of modern medicine. They are far too cheap.

It’s not in the food companies’ best interest that you prefer simple food and the harvest of the garden. It’s preferable, from their business point of view, that your body’s natural inclination toward salt, sugar, and fat be an addiction – which is why obesity is an epidemic and my son feels uncomfortable taking vegan food to preschool.

It’s not in the banks’ best interest if you avoid debt. It’s not in the government’s best interest if you aren’t afraid. It’s not in society’s best interest if you are content with what you have. Consumerism destroys the planet, but it’s great crowd control.

Happiness, health, and wholeness are all very bad for business.

And all that badness is very good for your ego. With all these negative influences and things to rant and rave about, your ego has fire enough to drive you forward onto a proud, condemning soapbox for life.

In the rage and anger against those that are contending against your happiness, health, and wholeness lies darkness. It’s not less than the darkness you are consumed by if you choose to comply and depend on those who would have you be a servant of empire… because there is abundant marketing potential and profit to be made selling things to the rebels against empire.

So… focus on happiness, health, and wholeness. Focus on moving toward love rather than away from fear. Focus on direct spiritual encounters rather than second-hand spiritual guidance.

When we focus on the light, we’re intentionally bad for business. Let’s avoid buying things whenever we can. Let’s help our children understand what their food is. When we provide services, let’s work ourselves out of a job – let’s help our clients no longer need us. In our relationships, let’s help each other be completely independent and whole. Let’s make it so our families and friends don’t need us, but rather that every relationship stands completely on choice.

The world is troubled and dark, and to many agents of empire that’s good for business. Let us pray and come together in community, but without supporting those who feed on fear and anger.

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