By Your Own Power

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Programming Life - By Your Own Power
Elias healing the son of the widow
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Suppose your health begins to fade. If you are wise, you will change your consumption habits – change what you eat, who you spend time with, what you watch and what you spend time doing. If you are unable to sort out the underlying habit of body or mind that is manifesting as disease or poor energy, then you will seek out the medical professionals according to whatever schema of health you have chosen to believe in. While you undertake the journey back to wholeness, you might pray if you have faith.

If it is not your time to leave, your body and mind recover. As the dawn comes once again, you might begin to congratulate yourself on your cleverness in living through winter to see spring. Even those who pray often think themselves wise for having prayed. Such pride is the contamination that obscures heaven from our eyes and reinforces the mental habit of abandoning the current moment.

You, by yourself, can do nothing. By your own power, you can only make health fade.

Perhaps you prefer to think in terms of higher self and lower self. Perhaps you prefer karma, or prana, or the intelligence that upwells at the ground of being. Whatever your terms, the ocean of love is not of the lower mind’s doing – it is eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent. The Love of the One manifests as healed bodies, devoted families, creativity, and opportunity. You can only hinder or stop such things by your own power, wisdom, and comprehension.

However you prefer to phrase it, in your heart and in the ground of your mind, there is a unifying, compassionate, eternal eye that upwells with the holy love. Masking that, at the surface of your mind and in these aggregates of memory and body, there seems to be the dissonant, selfish, temporal eye that works with patterns and eternally shuffles things about on a mental game-board that is itself. When you hinder or stop the upwelling of Love, you are looking through the second eye.

The way out is astoundingly simple. Stop, and look for a moment through the higher eye, and the lower self vanishes. It is a fiction, and all its works are fictions, and the vanishing of its works is the miracle. The second eye only exists so long as you look through it.

By your own power you can do nothing, the grace of the One accomplishes all things that truly exist. Wherever you encounter love, healing, community, happiness, or peace – these are the accomplishments of God, who you owe all thanks. Especially when you abandon yourself long enough to be the manifestation of Love, especially when the Beloved works through you.

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