Caressed by the Breeze

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caressed by the breeze
Plants in the breeze
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One of the loveliest parts of outdoor meditation is to be caressed by the breeze. It comes as you regard the turmoil of mind without sinking into it. It flows against you as you are flowing like a tide on your breath. The gentle touch is like that of an intimate companion, where the nerves sing in chorus and the heart’s glow intensifies. But you refuse the union when you try to chase down and identify that companion.

Is it nature, Mother Earth, or the Beloved himself? Dare we believe that a gentle heart reaches out with invisible hands? Without dividing up the world, you cannot pursue the source. Duality often appears as questions of qualification, definition, and abstraction. Unity is the caress, duality is looking to see where it came from.

To be caressed by the breeze is mystical. To try to penetrate the mystery is just like plucking a flower you love from its bed. You can hold only a dead shadow of that earth laughter you loved.

Even the description of an event is destructive. Only the union of breeze and flesh exists in immediacy. The breeze as an active agent and the body as a passive agent do not. You are the caressing of breezes and the fragrance of flowers. All else is the city of mind, of purpose and ego. All mental abstractions are less than the truth. No one, in truth, sits outside in meditation and is caressed by the breeze. In that field, there is only the caress.

Because of our grasping, a great barrier springs up continuously. When God whispers in your heart, you might seek to frame the experience and attempt to recreate the situation and context. You might make a different ritual to try to make your way back into the well of profound peace and stillness at the root of awareness. When we attempt to fabricate duplicatable roads of spiritual ascension, we abandon spirit utterly.

To be caressed by the breeze is to become a caress. To play toys with the children is to become a human connection. Writing is becoming a dancing word skipping across a page. Eating an apple is becoming a crisp, vivid bite. You are continuously created as a living spiritual being, so the guides and standards can only make you deaf to the Beloved whispering in your ear.

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