Deciding You’re Healed

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There comes a point in healing and recovery when you have to make the decision that you’re healed. If you don’t, then you’re identifying with that illness – becoming an avatar for it.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about physical illness, mental illness, addiction, or grief. Those are distinctions of types of pain and illness. All of them involve healing.

Deciding you’re healed is the critical milestone of healing and recovery. You can’t rush the decision because illness needs time to arise and subside – it’s a journey. But when the time comes, only a mental act can free you back into life.

You’ll know when it’s time, and then only you can make the decision.

Deciding you’re healed means changing your focus back from the microcosm of your own manifestation to the flow of life. While you heal or recover, the edge of your awareness – your focus – must be placed on cleansing the dark spots that cloud your radiance. Eventually, though, you’ll need to completely return your focus to the light, laughter, and love of life. In spirit lies wholeness, holiness, health… and happiness.

When you’re healed, that doesn’t mean you can run a marathon. Health isn’t about being able to perform physical feats. It’s about continuing the life journey – it’s about carrying on.

When you’re recovered, that doesn’t mean you can return to your old ways and resist your addictions. Recovery isn’t about being able to swim in the river that nearly drowned you before. It’s about not jumping into that river even if you get splashed by it.

When you’re whole, that doesn’t mean you can embrace and welcome people of bad intention and energy back into your life. Wholeness isn’t about wanting to fraternize with lower vibrations on their wavelengths. It’s about being less susceptible to them and inspiring them to higher levels.

Deciding you’re healed doesn’t mean that you no longer have pain. Freshly-healed scars are sensitive. Perhaps they’ll always hurt some. If so, that’s okay. It means you’re alive.

Deciding you’re healed means that you have decided that you can again help others carry their burdens. It means that you have decided that you can gather with the tribe by the campfire and tell your stories with positivity, laughter, and community. It means that you have decided that you are able to find the good things of life worthwhile once again.

Summer can never come until you decide that the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

It’s okay if you need more time. Return to the silence and stillness of your inner pool if summer hasn’t come yet. Winter comes and goes too.

But eventually, when you’re ready, please come out and play. It’s not the same without you.


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