Diminishing Significance

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By Chuck Abbe (The Long Lonely Road)
[CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Some of these things that are so incredibly inspiring to you now will become nearly meaningless for you in days to come. And, likewise, some of these trivialities that seem to you mundane or irritating now will become luminescent in days to come.

It has always been so. It will always be so.

Two years ago I dreamt of Brahman, inspired from a guided meditation CD from Deepak Chopra. While his writing and audio work retain a place of honor on my bookshelves, they seem merely a step on an infinite ladder to me now…

I rediscovered the beauty of Christian mysticism a year ago, and went afield and discovered many beautiful flowers in those fields. But, since then, I have reverted mostly to a simple zazen meditation approach in my sittings. For, while the treasures I have found retain a place of honor in my heart, they too seem merely a step on an infinite ladder now.

Your awareness right now is a snapshot of transformation also.

Understanding that some things are of diminishing significance can help you prevent your ego from blinding you. Understanding the relationship of those subsiding things to your transformation can help you to not cling quite so hard as the forms around you arise and subside.

For example, it is important that we do not dismiss as childish those flowers which seem faded to us because of diminishing significance. There are those who climb the ladders after us just as there are those who have gone before, and the gems you held in your heart in days past may be just the gems another needs right now. Let it be that anything at all that ever inspired you is something you are prepared to give another, if you perceive it may help them.

Also, it is important that we do not cling to those things that have faded for us out of a desire for the old emotions we had for them. Clinging to any step on the ladder will prevent you from continuing your life’s journey climbing upward. All spiritual truths are no more than facets of the Truth of love.

One of our many blessings is that our lives lead us to experience the Divine in many ways and from many perspectives – it is not the form of the relationship, but rather the continued relationship itself, that marks faith. Diminishing significance merely means you have moved to the next form of the relationship.

But mostly, separating the things of diminishing significance from our fundamental modes of being in the world helps us understand what really matters. Being a parent does not diminish, but only grows – therefore, approaching the world as a parent matters. Meditating only grows; approaching the world in contemplation matters. Simplicity matters, creativity matters, compassion matters. Love matters.

All particular thoughts, beliefs, lifestyles, and belongings are things of diminishing significance – they exist only so that you can learn to live and love. May you do so well.

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