Do Not Wait For Them

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Chronos, God of time, by Santo Saccomanno, 1876
Photo by Twice25 e Rinina25
[GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5],
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I hope, dear heart, that by now you know you must not wait for perfect circumstances before you start. Whether your spiritual practices, your creative practices, or even life shifts such as changing jobs or having children – the clouds in the sky will never be exactly as you would wish. If your mind and heart hear the whisper of spirit, you will be aided on your journey whatever the barriers. So start.

Also, though, do you see that you must not wait for people? No, you must live. Of course, if you’ve agreed to meet someone, be there. Occupy that place for a time. But don’t dedicate your full being to waiting. If you expect an adventure with family or friends, or to have some time to yourself, or that your colleagues or clients will send materials for a project – whatever you expect, do not wait for them! The adventure, solitude, or project will come in its own time and season if it is good for you.

Your expectations for other people are an alternative to life; you can only look one way or the other at any given moment.

If your whole attention is on your unfulfilled expectations, you abandon yourself. The mystery and magic is happening wherever you are, whenever you look for it. In the meadow or by the stream, in the parking lot or the restaurant, there is beauty and spirit. Do not wait for them and ignore the love and light!

You do not need to serve your cell phone hourly to be productive. You don’t need to use every available minute to clean your house because guests are coming. Most of all, you do not need to worship expectation. Once you plant the seed and water the ground, the sprout will grow if the divine Gardener deems it worthy – it’s no longer your business. Do not wait for them!

No, if you listen, your heart has other whispers. Perhaps it desires for deeper awareness of spirit or self. Perhaps you have lost your peace. Or perhaps your “true self” wishes to conjure beauty with pencil and paper. In the cafe, are there not interesting and lovely Children of God to be met? Just outside, do not the flowers bloom and the breezes caress? If you busy yourself away in your expectations and waitings, you flee the Garden.

Do you worry that “they” will catch you in meditation, in a nap, in drawing, or in conversation with a new friend? Do you think that perhaps I’m asking you to multitask and optimize each minute? Such thoughts only matter if you believe them. Because you make them solid, they become walls of mind blocking the light. You must attend to the present moment as the holy altar. There is spiritual purpose even to your lonely time in the doctor’s waiting room, if you’ll stop blindly paging through old magazines.

No, do not wait for them! People are like circumstances. The clouds tumble endlessly through this sky of consciousness, so laugh at your desire for a fixed canvas. The miracle is always here. There is no destination of happiness or peace in some other place. You carry all the fruits of spirit with you as you journey. Again and again, take a deep breath and look deeply. A voice speaks to you now out of the surrounding waters of mysterious grace.

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