Don’t Leave It on the Zafu

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Black velvet zafu used in Antaiji zen monastery, Japan.
By Dontpanic (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0],
via Wikimedia Commons

There is no difference between spirituality and life.

We practice meditation and conduct our prayers to realize our unity with the One. We thereby remember our freedom, and through that freedom we clear our hearts and minds of useless baggage of self.

That clearing uncovers the light within us, which radiates as acceptance, peace, compassion and above all love. Our practices of spirituality clear out the self so that the Self may shine through. This is our practice, and it is good.

But all too often we give our devotionals and then break that “part” of ourselves off away from the rest of our lives. We leave our acceptance and peace on our zafus and wander forth as egos to deal in business, home errands, and time with our families. Taking our masks off as we face the infinite Beloved only to cover back up just as we advance to greet Him.

There is no business deal that does not advance or defeat your spiritual efforts. You are either blocking the light or realizing it even when money’s on the table. Perhaps especially.

There is no argument with family or friends that does not contain the kernel of your communications with the Holy Spirit. What you say to them, you say to Him. What you deny them, you deny Him… and yourself.

Life is full of trivialities and mundane things. Life is full of the plots of ego – career advancement, financial security, popularity, social movements, and the ongoing resistance to addictions and the dreaded rut. This is true when you put your mask back on as you rise to greet the day.

Life is also full of beauty and a million small encounters with spirit. The mind of God thinks through the beauty of nature, security through grace, the conversations of the heart, and the ongoing resistance to the ego’s demands of fear and false worship. This is true if you leave your mask off as you emerge from your cave. This is the world if you don’t leave it on the zafu.

It’s not easy, yet it’s effortless. It’s exhausting to wear masks and become just roles and transactional components every day, but we boot into that simply out of habit. Breaking the habit is hard, but not as hard as the masquerade. You simply have to do nothing – refuse the arising of ego as you venture forth.

Do nothing and everything happens.

Blessings, my friends.

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