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Jacob's dream of a ladder of angels, c. 1690,
by Michael Willmann [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons

After you wake from a dream, you remember it as a fiction – a false world made by your mind while you slept. Then you wander forth into this world, imagining your thoughts and emotions are less real than tables and cars.

We taught ourselves that the world makes our minds, yet that we dream of other worlds when we sleep. This is the same as saying that your mind is a dream – that the world dreams you. It’s a strange teaching, a confusion of dreamer and dream.

Is it not easier to understand you make all worlds, including this one you wake to? That the cause of those others is the same as the cause of this one?

After you wake from a dream, you remember all the beings in it as aspects of yourself – things you made without their own inwardnesses, for they were just made things. Then you wander forth into this world, imagining that all the representations you see here have their own minds and are truly external to you.

Is it not easier to understand that all beings are actually one being, broken apart just as the characters in your sleeping dream? That you think you’re different from your brother because we dream – that all these minds only appear different in this world?

There is no separation among the Children of God. You are the One and I am the One. He, that One, is the Creator and we, also that One, are the one Child of God. Our representations rise and subside with this dream – but the truth of us can never be lost.

All the practice against attachment and toward awakening is the singular desire to remember the truth, to remember what was created. Be peaceful in the knowledge that the end of illusions is inevitable, for that truth has never changed and all dreams end. And after dreams end, they never really happened. We are, at root, already and always an enlightened and joyous being – we’ve just forgotten.

Although there seems to be a great journey as we travel from the dream’s beginning to its end, there’s no distance at all between any point in the journey and awakening.

Although there seems to be a path by which the Children of God may recover Heaven’s Gate, we rest there at the path’s end already and always.

Although there might seem to be fear and death all about us, that’s only the tone of the dream set by the dreamers. When we choose to see love and requests for love where once we thought there was fear and attack, our mind moves closer to awakening.

Please choose sweet dreams, my friend, for all of us dreamers.

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