Driving Out The Human

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By Quinn Dombrowski from Berkeley, USA
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Many people who have been wounded can’t forgive. They lash out with fear everywhere, becoming aggressors so they can never again be victims.

There are many who are disgusted by themselves because others told them to be. They mock all honest effort so they’ll never again be the lowest social order.

There are those who gather wealth and belongings in response to an inner sense of poverty. Rich paupers who see the glittering objects of this world as a way of adding value to themselves.

You know them. We are them. To think that we’re talking about some other people, here, is to engage in those practices just described.

The ones who always lash out. The ones who mock and belittle. The ones who hoard wealth. They’re all just driving out the human in themselves.

The guy who slumps down and watches six hours of television. The addict who degrades himself to get another fix. The workaholic who misses his child’s childhood. More of the same.

The demon’s need for killing humans was indigenous to its makeup. It had been human itself once, long ago, and to continue to be what it was, it was necessary for it to keep killing its human self over and over again. It accomplished this through the killing of others. Its own humanity was drowned completely in the madness that drove it, but it was necessary that it pretend at being human so that it could move freely among its victims, and there was danger in this. Killing kept the pretense from ever threatening to become even a momentary reality.
Terry Brooks, A Knight of the Word

A Knight of the Word is an excellent work of fiction and fantasy.

Yet everywhere, people are killing their human selves over and over again. That’s not fiction.

Let us beware of pretending to be human while privately working at driving out the human in ourselves.

Spirituality is the process of deconstructing the veils, of destroying this pretense and this striving to be another species. A primary goal is to cease building containment walls around that base self within.

We must allow ourselves to return to the stillness and quiet that lies under the injuries that we’ve been reacting against all this time.

We must let go of the madness, let go of what we are, and return to being simply human.


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