Earth Angels

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The Madonna della Vallicella Adored by Seraphim and Cherubim
Peter Paul Rubens [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

My second child, my daughter, has been born! The mundanities of one life have been exchanged for the happy domestic rounds of another.

In the transformation, my first child struggles to become a big brother capable of prioritizing another person’s needs with his own. My wife is trying to find a new routine that nourishes both children’s minds and hearts. My mother-in-law and mother rearrange their affairs to be of help (such a blessing), our friends (both physical and virtual) send a plethora of happy prayers and good wishes, and my colleagues attempt to rebalance operations without my participation.

As for me, what has not changed?

Having prayed for the good health of both children, my prayers were answered. These young earth angels are the eye at which spirit meshes with physicality. While I continue to have my objectives (and writing is still among them, so please don’t mistake my recent silence), I seek first to be simply mindful and grateful.

Mindful of my reflection in my new child’s eyes as she looks at me in confusion as I rock her and sing “You are my sunshine.” Mindful of the desire for validation in my older child’s interrupting behavior. Mindful of the dogs’ pleading eyes as their fountain of attention dries up, mindful of the whispers of spirit as they beckon me to find time to pray the rosary, mindful of the messy house and littered yard, mindful of the distressed text messages my colleagues occasionally send. All this tugging at mind.

One thing at a time. Gently pushing and pulling the bassinet, I am nothing but the wave motion. Building Lego castles, I am wholly the architect seeking full collaboration with my young co-builder. Cleaning up the mess the dogs left on the floor, I am a stern but kind human parent to canine mistakes. Thanking Jesus and the Holy Mother, I am nothing but a glad servant of the light which has done what I could never do – deliver and protect these earth angels. To wash a dish happily, joyfully, and fully present… to find compassion for those whom business is somehow paramount… to find it in myself to give the half-smile of tender presence to anything and everything that presents itself.

For it is up to each of us to play out all parts of the whole – to be the good son, the peaceful daughter, the holy mother, the providing father. In our little lives and concerns, we embody each of these aspects of the Holy One, of divinity. In that, there is nothing pithy or distracting or interrupting… all this is holy work.

This work, your work, the holy work of the Sonship of God, is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here and now. Be fully present, peaceful, and compassionate, my friends. We are all forgetful earth angels. May you be blessed by the palpable presence of spirit in your lives.

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