Everywhere, God Unfolding

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By Skordarector (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Everywhere, people speak of good and right, of light and truth and freedom, and of happiness. People seek for it in the best way they can – sometimes ignorantly, sometimes with a twisted perversion of unwholesomeness, sometimes with the sophistication of academia, sometimes with the straightforward ethic of the working man. All these plants are, in their own ways, growing upward toward the sunlight – they are God unfolding.

There are polluted soils and clean soils, and any one person may have first grown in either. A person might be a southern plant being grown in a northern climate. One might be a house plant or a wild plant out in the forest. The backdrop of religious tradition and cultural heritage is combined with individual characteristics in an infinite number of ways, and some plants are simply not able to bring forth their flowers and fruit. Yet, they all try.

Even when we cannot fully accomplish it in this place, we reach for wholeness, integration, and happiness. We seek peace, bliss, and unity. It is our nature.

Sometimes, let us not talk about the Holy Spirit and let us not talk about the dharma. Let us talk about that reaching, that rising, that underlies all these peoples and places. Because that, our nature of striving after flowers and fruit, is God unfolding within His people. The flowers and fruit, as lovely as they are when they’re possible, are nearly besides the point.

If you have an active faith, your beliefs will change. As you grow from a seed to sapling to tree, your understandings will broaden and deepen. To have an active faith is not about the particulars of religion or spirituality, but rather to be aligned with this basic upwelling of spirit that lies at the base of all consciousness.

A man who belongs to Christ sees the Holy Spirit among the Buddhists. A follower of Buddha recognizes dharma among the Christians. Only a lack of active faith can prevent this. Only obstinate belief that is at root selfishness and a denial of divinity does not see God everywhere.

The very stones themselves overflow with holiness. How much more so among the plants, animals, humans and whatever other Children of God! Keep an active faith and continue to grow, transform, and reach toward the sunlight, dear hearts. Perhaps the flowers and fruit will not come – but it is enough, always, that we seek after them. It is enough, always, that we give our lives towards God unfolding.

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