The False God of Sin

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Sistine Chapel ceiling - Fall and Expulsion from Garden of EdenMichelangelo Buonarroti [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sistine Chapel ceiling – Fall and Expulsion from Garden of Eden
Michelangelo Buonarroti [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Oh Child of God, have you glorified your mistakes into sins?

It is ever so easy to take moral principles and use them in spiritual judgment of yourself. What is given as a guideline to sight is reinterpreted into the power of self-creation. Have you supposed that you can make yourself good through effort, that you can create yourself like your Creator created you? That you can sit in judgment of God’s creation?

I assure you that you cannot. You can create holiness, but not yourself. That holiness is already created.

When you take the mere mistakes your wandering, mortal form has made against a set of moral guidelines and elevate them to the status of sin, you’re imagining a stain on your immortal, unchanging soul. You’re daring to assert that you can take a Holy Creation of the One and corrupt it. By imagining yourself or others as sinners, you’ve done nothing more than state that your power equals His.

You can trespass, but not against God. You can trespass only against your understanding and heart.

The difference between a mistake and a sin goes beyond judgment of man and God. When you imagine that you have sinned, you have also stated that you are forever attracted to your mistakes. You keep them hidden, because you find them alluring and will repeat them – this is what you imagine will surely make you worthy of punishment and powerful in creation.

In your imaginings, I have not the smallest doubt that you will be able to dream up Hell and cast yourself into it. You’ll paint moving shadows of devils and demons on the walls, and grab at others so that they too may believe and empower your artificial darkness. For all of that, you will not be able to make your hell or mistakes holy. Holiness is love and truth – fear cannot enter.

You were simply mistaken when you lusted after the transient, physical forms that seemed to you to be more perfect than your own. It was a mistake also when you stuffed your body with poor food and another when you dreamt that you could possess more than your brother. Your imperfect attempts, anger at yourself, and desire to possess the illusions were yet more mistakes that you called the world. All of these things became pride when you glorified them into sins. Be not so proud of your mistakes that you would imagine them spiritual.

Ask for forgiveness, still, because with that request you acknowledge that you cannot do what you attempted. In that acknowledgement, you will discover you have always been forgiven – you will start to remember.

Have faith and look always to the Light. Know that God extended himself through you, that your meager little dreamt-up self and body are just a ripple of that eternal, cosmic Self that was created. You can’t stain or corrupt that Self. You can’t be separate – how can a ripple be separate from the ocean? You can only imagine that you are a tiny little walled-off separation from your Creator. All has been forgiven because you never did sin. You only hid away and tried to blind yourself.

You can only create with love. Anything else you perceive is the false worship of yourself. You, dear Child of God, are your own false god of sin. Put down that false idol and remember. This is your atonement. When you forgot Him or tried to create with something other than love, it was just an unattractive, banal, and prideful mistake.

Mistakes are just the errors children make as they grow into their birthrights. Don’t cling to your errors, just correct and grow past them.

Much love,

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