February 2014 Rundown – 346 Links

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Every day, I read the latest posts from quite a few sites and share my favorites on the home page. At the end of each month, I create a recap with some highlights of those links – and here it is for February 2014. 🙂

Here’s the recap of January and the one from December in case, somehow, you have time to work through all 346 articles and still hunger for more reading before tomorrow’s links hit the home page.

If you have favorite websites that focus on positivity, self-improvement, or community and they’re not listed here, please let me know in the comments!
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Special Callouts

Hands Free Mama – www.handsfreemama.com (3 links)

When it comes down to parenting, Hands Free Mama is my favorite blog hands down. She writes with honesty and wisdom, giving insights that improve me in my role as a father.

  1. Hands Free Kids: Less Device, More Real Life
  2. Choosing What Matters When Life Overwhelms
  3. When You Get it Right … and When You Don’t

Inspir3 – www.inspir3.com (6 links)

This friendly, lovely life coach includes the divine power in her wisdom as she writes intelligent, practical advice and information.

  1. The Yamas of Yoga
  2. The Niyamas of Yoga
  3. Are You Playing it Too Safe in Life?
  4. The Asanas of Yoga – Yoga Poses
  5. How to Become Emotionally Intelligent
  6. You Could Be a Victim Without Even Knowing It!

Simona Rich – simonarich.com (3 links)

The profundity of meditative insight illuminates the commentary from this delightful world traveller, who writes with clarity and simplicity without sacrificing depth.

  1. Steps to Self Mastery – A Review of an Old Curious Book
  2. Rushing to Live and Missing Life as a Result
  3. Becoming Responsible So That Life Would Entrust You With More

Neil Solanki – www.neilsolanki.com (2 links)

I love the poetry this interesting “professional man of hard leisure” writes, highly recommended. His site appears to be down at the time I’m writing this up, but hopefully it’ll come back up soon.

  1. To Find Love in Sorrow (poem)
  2. From Deep Slumber I Rose (poem)

Steven Furtick – www.stevenfurtick.com (12 links)

My regular readers know that I speak of divinity and faith in a different sense than the classic Christian approach. That said, Furtick’s sermon style and insight just rocks out. I just ordered one of his books, I’ll give you the skinny after reading it.

  1. The Wrong Prayers for Protection
  2. Your Greatest Advantage in Life
  3. Why Your Life Matters More Than You Think
  4. How to Win the Battle Against Our Own Negative Thoughts
  5. The Answer to Our Insecurities
  6. What God Says When Our Insecurities Overwhelm Us
  7. Where To Look When We Doubt Our Self Worth
  8. Finding Victory In Your Struggles
  9. Remember Egypt
  10. Finding God’s Purpose in the Ordinary
  11. When Our Fears Feel Bigger Than Our Faith
  12. What We Should Really Expect From Others

Posts This Month on Programming Life

Did you miss any of the posts I wrote? For shame, if so, here’s a chance for you to make it right.

  1. January 2014 Rundown: 441 Links
  2. The Ego and the Self
  3. The Importance (and Trap) of a Secured Position
  4. A Sea Consciousness
  5. Why Your Company Needs a Business Library
  6. Why Your Strength Is Not Success
  7. Hard Work Is Not Enough: Publish or Bust
  8. Way of the Ascetics by Tito Colliander (free ebook)
  9. Three Weapons Against Addiction
  10. Failing on Purpose: Shark Mountain
  11. Feeling Limited versus Setting Limits
  12. What is Mysticism?
  13. I’m Happy Anyway

All 346 Links

I’ve read each of these and liked them – and shared them. Here they are again, for that cold winter day when reading in positivity and community awareness is one of the best things you can do.

  1. ‘Refresh’ four weeks later – sethgodin.typepad.com
  2. ‘Surplus’ giraffe put down at Copenhagen Zoo – www.bbc.co.uk
  3. 10 Lessons From 10 Wellness Rockstars – www.mindbodygreen.com
  4. 10 Supplies You Must Have in Your Emergency Kit – www.dumblittleman.com
  5. 10 Thoughts to Remove from Your Mind – www.thechangeblog.com
  6. 10 Ways to Help Your Child Build Self-Esteem – www.lifehack.org
  7. 11 Qualities Of A Truly Great Leader – www.lifehack.org
  8. 14 Mantras To Help You Build Positive Self-Talk – www.mindbodygreen.com
  9. 15 Essential Truths For A Beautiful Life – www.mindbodygreen.com
  10. 15 Powerful Beliefs that Will Free You from Negativity – www.marcandangel.com
  11. 15 Powerful Relationship Lessons From Happy And Loving Couples – www.lifehack.org
  12. 15 Quotes to Help You Smash Negative Thinking! – www.pickthebrain.com
  13. 24 Edgy Beliefs Of Successful Business Leaders Everywhere. – danwaldschmidt.com
  14. 25 Positive Affirmations to Help You Live a More Conscious and Deliberate Life – shakeoffthegrind.com
  15. 3 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Anorexia – www.mindbodygreen.com
  16. 3 Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Freelance Biz – moneyning.com
  17. 30 Seconds Is All You Need to Change Your Life – theordinarybuddha.wordpress.com
  18. 36 Lessons I’ve Learned About Habits – zenhabits.net
  19. 4 Inspiring quotes from ONE Power Summit 2014 – www.one.org
  20. 4 Pillars of Peak Performance – coachingpositiveperformance.com
  21. 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Unhappy with Your Work – tinybuddha.com
  22. 40 Inspiring Quotes That Will Instantly Boost Your Confidence – www.lifehack.org
  23. 5 Habits which increase your energy and productivity – coachingpositiveperformance.com
  24. 5 Hard Truths That Are Actually Quite Liberating – www.mindbodygreen.com
  25. 5 Limiting Beliefs That Sap Your Productivity – www.buckets.cc
  26. 5 Reasons You Should Smile More as a Leader – michaelhyatt.com
  27. 5 Signs You’re Not Following Your True Path – www.mindbodygreen.com
  28. 5 Spiritual Lessons I Learned From Obsessing Over Food – www.mindbodygreen.com
  29. 5 Tips for Resolving Conflict Peacefully – www.thebridgemaker.com
  30. 5 Truths For Anyone Chasing A Dream – www.mindbodygreen.com
  31. 5 Unusual Ways to Start Working Smarter, Not Harder, Backed by Science – blog.bufferapp.com
  32. 5 Ways To Keep Pushing On In A Life That Seems To Be Against You – www.pickthebrain.com
  33. 6 Core benefits of personal development – coachingpositiveperformance.com
  34. 6 Dramatic Pictures From The Crazy Student Protests In Venezuela — And The Story Behind Them – thinkprogress.org
  35. 6 Great Life Lessons of the Bible From Rabbi Mahir Reiss – www.wisebread.com
  36. 6 Important Questions to Assess Your Level of Grit and Resiliency – shakeoffthegrind.com
  37. 6 Mantras To Inspire You When The Going Gets Tough – www.mindbodygreen.com
  38. 6 solutions for feeling out of your depth at work – thoughtbrick.com
  39. 7 Crucial Things You Need To Be Honest About – www.lifehack.org
  40. 7 Facts That Weren’t In The New State Department Report On Keystone XL – thinkprogress.org
  41. 7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People – 99u.com
  42. 7 Little Mistakes that Steal Your Happiness – www.marcandangel.com
  43. 7 Steps to a Healthy Heart – www.chopra.com
  44. 7 Tips for becoming a better anti-poverty advocate – www.one.org
  45. 7 Tips on Resolving Any Conflicts Anywhere – www.lifehack.org
  46. 7 Ways to Boost Your Mind in the Work Environment – www.lifehack.org
  47. 8 Mantras To Help You Develop A Better Relationship With Money – www.mindbodygreen.com
  48. 8 Things to Remember When You Are Overwhelmed – www.lifehack.org
  49. 8 Tips for improved focus – coachingpositiveperformance.com
  50. 9 Lessons in Entrepreneurship From Shark Tank – www.artofmanliness.com
  51. A Clear Space, A Clear Mind – Tips For Office Organization – www.dumblittleman.com
  52. A Fitbit For Work: Using “Little Data” To Make Yourself Better – 99u.com
  53. A Lifetime of Choices – www.thesimpledollar.com
  54. A Modest Manifesto: Focus On The Essentials In Education – anniemurphypaul.com
  55. A New Enrichment Activity: Doing Errands With Mom – anniemurphypaul.com
  56. A Sea Consciousness – programminglife.net
  57. Accept responsibility – the key to better results and relationships – coachingpositiveperformance.com
  58. Acceptance and Respect – The Keys to Life – inspiremetoday.com
  59. Afghanistan’s Newest Strategy To Permit Violence Against Women – thinkprogress.org
  60. Alone Time – www.theminimalists.com
  61. An Analogy That Illuminates The Nature Of Reading – anniemurphypaul.com
  62. Another Look at Personal Finance and Class Warfare – www.thesimpledollar.com
  63. Approaching Fears – www.thesimpledollar.com
  64. Are You Playing it Too Safe in Life? – www.inspir3.com
  65. Arizona and the Power of Boycotts – www.huffingtonpost.com
  66. Asia Pulp and Paper: One Year After the Forest-Clearing Moratorium – www.triplepundit.com
  67. Authentic Content Still Works – Here’s The Proof – jeffarchibald.ca
  68. Back To The Future: Old-Fashioned Lessons In Responsibility And Self-Control – anniemurphypaul.com
  69. Bat boy syndrome – sethgodin.typepad.com
  70. Becoming Responsible So That Life Would Entrust You With More – simonarich.com
  71. Blue Light Can Improve Alertness and Attention Day or Night – www.spring.org.uk
  72. Breathe in the Brilliance of You – inspiremetoday.com
  73. California Halts Major Water Delivery Service, Yet Doesn’t Call For Mandatory Water Restrictions – thinkprogress.org
  74. Calm Down – You Know Nothing Anyway – www.themiracleforest.com
  75. Campaign triumphs as loggers expelled from territory of ’Earth’s most threatened tribe’ – www.survivalinternational.org
  76. Can a Scientific Utopia Succeed? – www.scientificamerican.com
  77. Chasing Money – www.thesimpledollar.com
  78. Chick-fil-A Commits to Serving Antibiotic-Free Chicken – www.triplepundit.com
  79. China Considers New Powers for Pollution Watchdog – www.scientificamerican.com
  80. Chinese Villagers Mob police in Environmental Spat: Xinhua – www.scientificamerican.com
  81. Choosing What Matters When Life Overwhelms – www.handsfreemama.com
  82. Clarity – www.stevepavlina.com
  83. Cleaning Up Our Power Industry – www.huffingtonpost.com
  84. Colorado Approves Limits on Air Pollution from Oil and Gas Drilling – www.scientificamerican.com
  85. Constant Task Switching – zenhabits.net
  86. Cooperating With People Changes The Way We Think About Them – anniemurphypaul.com
  87. DDT, other Environmental Toxins Linked to Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease – www.scientificamerican.com
  88. Dealing with Depression: 10 Ways to Feel Positive and Peaceful – tinybuddha.com
  89. Delete Your Way to Productivity – lifehacker.com
  90. Dengue Fever Makes U.S. Inroads – www.scientificamerican.com
  91. Denis Hayes and the Cascadia Sustainability Movement – www.triplepundit.com
  92. Diving into the unknown – A starter guide to self-discovery – thoughtbrick.com
  93. Do Be Do Be Do – www.chopra.com
  94. Do We Really Need Managers? – 99u.com
  95. Do you love your customers? – sethgodin.typepad.com
  96. Does self improvement have a dark side? – thoughtbrick.com
  97. Doing what gets rewarded – sethgodin.typepad.com
  98. Don’t Aim for the Finish Line – lifehacker.com
  99. Elevated Radiation Found in Air near New Mexico Nuclear Waste Site – www.scientificamerican.com
  100. Emotionally obsolete (in marketing) – sethgodin.typepad.com
  101. Employ the “Rule Of 3” for Daily, Weekly and Annual Productivity – lifehacker.com
  102. Enlightenment Is Measured By Compassion – www.soulseeds.com
  103. Even Brief Mindfulness Yields Long-Term Results – 99u.com
  104. Everything You Need To Know About GMOs – www.mindbodygreen.com
  105. Excellent Ways to Avoid GMOs (infographic) – www.lifehack.org
  106. Exhaustive lists as a reliable tool for unstucking yourself – sethgodin.typepad.com
  107. Express Who You Are Through What You Do – inspiremetoday.com
  108. Fail and Rise, However Long It Takes – www.competeeveryday.com
  109. Failing on Purpose: Shark Mountain – programminglife.net
  110. Family Problems In Childhood Affect Brain Development – www.spring.org.uk
  111. Fear is the Root of Your Problems – zenhabits.net
  112. Federal Leasing Program A Giveaway To Big Coal, Government Watchdog Finds – thinkprogress.org
  113. Feeling Limited versus Setting Limits – programminglife.net
  114. Finally! An Effective Treatment For Alzheimer’s – www.mindbodygreen.com
  115. Finding God’s Purpose in the Ordinary (video) – www.stevenfurtick.com
  116. Finding the Good Even When Things Get Bad – inspiremetoday.com
  117. Finding Victory In Your Struggles – www.stevenfurtick.com
  118. Finding Your Bliss Station – www.thesimpledollar.com
  119. Florida Town That Banned Blankets For The Homeless Reverses Course – thinkprogress.org
  120. Footsie, Putters, Creepy Robots, Pain and Nakedness: 5 Wacky Psych Experiments and What They Tell Us About Being Human – www.spring.org.uk
  121. Four Ways to Teach the Truths that Transform the World – inspiremetoday.com
  122. From Deep Slumber I Rose (poem) – www.neilsolanki.com
  123. Gap Raises Minimum Wage for US Employees – www.triplepundit.com
  124. Getting Things Done Isn’t Good Enough – danwaldschmidt.com
  125. Global ad campaign urges tourists to boycott Botswana – www.survivalinternational.org
  126. GMO, yeah? 5 surprises from an otherwise boring look at genetically modified crops – grist.org
  127. Government Control of the Internet — A View From Istanbul’s Streets Echo Concerns on U.S. Streets – www.huffingtonpost.com
  128. Greenpeace Finds Waterway Pollutants in Luxury Fashion Brands – www.scientificamerican.com
  129. Hands Free Kids: Less Device, More Real Life – www.handsfreemama.com
  130. Hard Work Is Not Enough: Publish or Bust – programminglife.net
  131. Has Verizon already violated net neutrality? – www.dailykos.com
  132. Have You Mastered This Key to Great Leadership? – www.linkedin.com
  133. Homeless Shelter Can’t Find A Home Because Neighbors Are Worried They’ll Get Mugged – thinkprogress.org
  134. House Republicans Aim To Limit Power Of Environmental Protection Agency – www.huffingtonpost.com
  135. How A Traumatic Event Helped Me Overcome Food Addiction – www.mindbodygreen.com
  136. How Aging Changes What Makes You Happy – www.spring.org.uk
  137. How Can I Help My Struggling Friend? – inspiremetoday.com
  138. How Can I Learn to Hear God? – inspiremetoday.com
  139. How Curiosity Can Help You Make Better Decisions – www.lifehack.org
  140. How Daydreaming Is Good For You – intentionsdaily.blogspot.com
  141. How Disease Reveals Perfection – intentionsdaily.blogspot.com
  142. How Making Quick Guesses Can Help Kids Do Better At Math – anniemurphypaul.com
  143. How Meditation Changes Your Brain Frequency – www.mindbodygreen.com
  144. How Not To Make A Drastic Mistake You Will Regret – www.dumblittleman.com
  145. How Practicing Empathy Makes You A Better Person – www.lifehack.org
  146. How Proactive Are You? – www.susansly.com
  147. How These Six Highly Productive Bloggers Get So Much Done – blog.bufferapp.com
  148. How to Be a Better Artist – www.scientificamerican.com
  149. How To Be Peaceful And To Hell With Desire – arsspiritus.com
  150. How to Become Emotionally Intelligent – www.inspir3.com
  151. How to Build a Strong Work Ethic – www.stevepavlina.com
  152. How To Eat Mindfully: A 5-Step Guide – www.mindbodygreen.com
  153. How to get creatively unstuck & do your best work ever – forthecreators.com
  154. How to Go Beyond Online Petitions and Make Your Voice Really Count – lifehacker.com
  155. How to Listen to Yourself at the Deepest Level – inspiremetoday.com
  156. How to Overcome Morning Peevishness: Advice from an Antarctic Explorer – www.artofmanliness.com
  157. How to Shine Your Light, Even When You Don’t Feel Whole – tinybuddha.com
  158. How to Train Like a Pro – www.huffingtonpost.com
  159. How to Win the Battle Against Our Own Negative Thoughts (video) – www.stevenfurtick.com
  160. How To Win Without Being A Winner – www.stevenaitchison.co.uk
  161. How You Can Change the World – inspiremetoday.com
  162. I am a Buddhist. But what does a Buddhist look like and do? – thoughtbrick.com
  163. I Tried to Quit & It’s Too Hard! – zenhabits.net
  164. I Wish Everyone Took a Few Minutes to Answer These Three Questions (video) – www.lifehack.org
  165. I’m A Life Coach: These Are The Questions People Always Ask – www.mindbodygreen.com
  166. I’m an elitist – sethgodin.typepad.com
  167. If Only I Had This Thing, I Would Be Happy – www.thesimpledollar.com
  168. If You Want Extreme Results… – www.susansly.com
  169. If You Want To Get Something Done, Get Out Of The Office – anniemurphypaul.com
  170. Inactivity and the brain: Why exercise is more important than ever – blog.bufferapp.com
  171. Indonesia Volcano Erupts; 76,000 evacuated, Most of Java’s Airports Shut – www.scientificamerican.com
  172. Investors Pressure Oil Companies to Disclose Low-Carbon Strategies, Carbon Asset Risk – www.triplepundit.com
  173. I’m Happy Anyway – programminglife.net
  174. January 2014 Rundown: 441 Links – programminglife.net
  175. Jump Off the Busy Train for a Simpler, More Passion-Filled Life – tinybuddha.com
  176. Kroger’s ‘Simple Truth’ Chicken Claims Alleged to be Simply False – www.triplepundit.com
  177. Lawmakers Threaten Workers Over Union Vote Their Bosses Welcome – thinkprogress.org
  178. Lessons from the Fall – www.theminimalists.com
  179. Let Go of Your Ego! – inspiremetoday.com
  180. Life Isn’t a Race: Allow Yourself to Be Happy in the Present – tinybuddha.com
  181. Living on Last Month’s Income – www.thesimpledollar.com
  182. Living Wage Requirements and the Role of America’s Food Policy – www.triplepundit.com
  183. Maasai Villagers Turn to U.S. Courts for Information on Abusive Evictions by U.S. Safari Company – www.earthrights.org
  184. Major operation to save Earth’s most threatened tribe makes progress – www.survivalinternational.org
  185. Make Moral Decisions in the Morning – lifehacker.com
  186. Making Your Mornings More Creative – anniemurphypaul.com
  187. Malaysia, Singapore Grapple with Prolonged Dry Spell – www.scientificamerican.com
  188. Manage an aggressive person with these 6 tips – coachingpositiveperformance.com
  189. Manvotional: Seneca on the Value of “Obvious” Advice – www.artofmanliness.com
  190. Meet One Of The Few Syrian Refugees Who Made It To The United States – thinkprogress.org
  191. Modesty and hubris – sethgodin.typepad.com
  192. Mosquitoes Carry Yet Another Tropical Disease toward the U.S. – www.scientificamerican.com
  193. Most of all, money is a story – sethgodin.typepad.com
  194. Mothers, Don’t Pass On Math Anxiety To Your Daughters – anniemurphypaul.com
  195. My New Habit for Tackling Nagging Tasks: Power Hour – www.gretchenrubin.com
  196. Nebraska Lawmaker Wants Her State To Stop Paying Private Prisons For Empty Cells – thinkprogress.org
  197. Need Less, Have More: Life Expands When We Eliminate the Excess – tinybuddha.com
  198. Nevada County Will Charge Inmates For Their Meals And Medical Care – thinkprogress.org
  199. New evidence shows Union Carbide’s role in designing and building Indian chemical plant that killed thousands and continues to pollute Bhopal’s water – www.earthrights.org
  200. New Highly Radioactive Leak at Japan’s Fukushima Plant – www.scientificamerican.com
  201. Obama to sign order raising minimum wage for federal contract workers – www.dailykos.com
  202. Occupy Love: revolutionary antidotes for Valentine’s Day – wagingnonviolence.org
  203. Ogiek are violently evicted from ancestral home in Kenya – www.survivalinternational.org
  204. One Time Doesn’t Count. – danwaldschmidt.com
  205. Organic and Enviro Groups Call for GMO Labeling by Feds – www.triplepundit.com
  206. Our inability to see ahead (The Goldie Hawn problem) – sethgodin.typepad.com
  207. Pakistan Has A Month’s Worth Of Water Left — And 5 Percent Of Its Tree Cover – thinkprogress.org
  208. Panopticonism: Join the Fight Against Mass Surveillance – www.huffingtonpost.com
  209. Permission Granted – www.thechangeblog.com
  210. Pete Seeger and the Power of Singing out Against Climate Change – www.huffingtonpost.com
  211. Plan For Prosperity. Ditch The Same Old Life – intentionsdaily.blogspot.com
  212. Polluting Appalachia’s Streams With Mountaintop Removal Mining Just Got Harder – thinkprogress.org
  213. Portraits: Sons and Daughters of the Wind – www.one.org
  214. President Obama, congressional Democrats push FCC on net neutrality – www.dailykos.com
  215. Prolonged Sitting May Raise Risk of Disability – www.scientificamerican.com
  216. Ready to Stress Less? How to Use Deep Relaxation to Achieve Peace of Mind – shakeoffthegrind.com
  217. Redefining Fresh? Subway Removes a Chemical From Its Bread After Public Outcry – www.triplepundit.com
  218. Remember Egypt – www.stevenfurtick.com
  219. Remembering Uncle Mike – www.thechangeblog.com
  220. Renewed protests at Conga mine again result in armed police response – www.earthrights.org
  221. Returning to Source: Destiny, Faith and Knowing – inspiremetoday.com
  222. Reversing MS with Real Food – wellnessmama.com
  223. Rushing to Live and Missing Life as a Result – simonarich.com
  224. Score! ONE visits HIV prevention projects by Grassroot Soccer – www.one.org
  225. Secret Ingredient for Success – www.nytimes.com
  226. Seeing For The First Time – www.penniehunt.com
  227. Shopping and Tunnel Vision – www.thesimpledollar.com
  228. Six Neurotoxic Industrial Chemicals Linked to Rise In Brain Disorders – www.spring.org.uk
  229. Six ways to increase personal productivity and get shit done. – www.johnnymoneyseed.com
  230. Starting Your Dream Business Is Easier Than You Think — Here’s How – www.wisebread.com
  231. Steps to Self Mastery – A Review of an Old Curious Book – simonarich.com
  232. Stop This Secret Self-Sabotage – inspiremetoday.com
  233. Storm, Bringing Deadly Ice and Snow, Slams U.S. Southeast – www.scientificamerican.com
  234. Strategy of Loophole-Spotting #10: the One-Coin Loophole. – www.gretchenrubin.com
  235. Struggling With Perfectionism? Try This. – www.lifelessbullshit.com
  236. Supreme Court rules that Daimler is too big to be sued – www.earthrights.org
  237. Taking umbrage – sethgodin.typepad.com
  238. Tea industry claims it will undertake heroic efforts to become more sustainable – grist.org
  239. Tens Of Thousands Protest Right-Wing Policies In North Carolina – thinkprogress.org
  240. The 3 Do-What-You-Love Conundrums – zenhabits.net
  241. The 3 P’s of Manhood: Protect – www.artofmanliness.com
  242. The 8 Core Excuses Standing Between You And Your Dreams – www.wakeupcloud.com
  243. The Answer to Our Insecurities (video) – www.stevenfurtick.com
  244. The Artist-Troll War 1: HATRED BREEDS HATRED (cartoon) – zenpencils.com
  245. The Asanas of Yoga – Yoga Poses – www.inspir3.com
  246. The Blunt Realities Of Running Your Own Design Business – jeffarchibald.ca
  247. The Body is not the territory – thoughtbrick.com
  248. The brutal cost of a cheap chicken – grist.org
  249. The Challenge of the “Best” Choice – www.thesimpledollar.com
  250. The Current State of Unemployment (infographic) – www.lifehack.org
  251. The Ego and the Self – programminglife.net
  252. The False Belief of Invincibility – www.thesimpledollar.com
  253. The forgotten 200 million – www.one.org
  254. The Gap: Why It’s Okay To Suck At The Beginning (video) – www.lifehack.org
  255. The Importance (and Trap) of a Secured Position – programminglife.net
  256. The Incredible Importance of Sleep for Habits & Motivation – zenhabits.net
  257. The initiated woman – www.daniellelaporte.com
  258. The Journey to a Meaningful Life – inspiremetoday.com
  259. The Latest in Sustainable Textiles – www.triplepundit.com
  260. The Miracle and Mystery of Sleep: 12 Remarkable Psychological Studies – www.spring.org.uk
  261. The More You’re Served, the More You’ll Eat. And You Won’t Even Think About It. – www.gretchenrubin.com
  262. The Most Commonly Misdiagnosed Illnesses (infographic) – www.lifehack.org
  263. The most important question (in marketing) – sethgodin.typepad.com
  264. The Most Powerful Word In Your Pursuit Of Success – danwaldschmidt.com
  265. The Myth of the Dream Job and the True Pursuit of Happiness – www.thechangeblog.com
  266. The Niyamas of Yoga – www.inspir3.com
  267. The Overlooked Importance Of The Close Call – anniemurphypaul.com
  268. The Power of Intention to Create a Business and Life You Love – www.huffingtonpost.com
  269. The Powerless Carry A Heavy Load (Or Feel Like They Do) – anniemurphypaul.com
  270. The problems you’ve got left… – sethgodin.typepad.com
  271. The Psychology Behind Brainstorming: Why it Doesn’t Always Work and 4 Ways To Get Ideas More Consistently – blog.bufferapp.com
  272. The Risk and Reward of Generics, Store Brands, and “Best Buys” – www.thesimpledollar.com
  273. The Rock-Bottom Moment That Brought Me To Wellness – www.mindbodygreen.com
  274. The Secret to Personal Evolution – www.chopra.com
  275. The Smell Of Customer Service – danwaldschmidt.com
  276. The taxi-meter effect, and the benefits of counting your days on earth – www.oliverburkeman.com
  277. The Wrong Prayers for Protection – www.stevenfurtick.com
  278. The Yamas of Yoga – www.inspir3.com
  279. This Moment – zenhabits.net
  280. This Must-Watch Video on How to Live the Best Life Will Convince You You’re on the Right Path – greatist.com
  281. This week in the War on Workers: Teachers protest ‘data walls’ that shame students – www.dailykos.com
  282. Three Cognitive Biases That Cost You Money, Stress, and Happiness – www.lifehack.org
  283. Three Weapons Against Addiction – programminglife.net
  284. To Find Love in Sorrow (poem) – www.neilsolanki.com
  285. To The Woman And Child Who Sat At Table 9 … #AutismAwareness – twowisegals.wordpress.com
  286. To Truly Work Through Issues, Change Your Perception – intentionsdaily.blogspot.com
  287. Toxic Fire Retardants Will Linger in the Environment for Years – www.scientificamerican.com
  288. Train Derails In Pennsylvania, Spilling Up To 4,000 Gallons Of Oil – thinkprogress.org
  289. Train Full Of Hazardous Materials Derails Near Mississippi Mobile Home Park – thinkprogress.org
  290. Transparency Is Your Best Weapon Against Failure – 99u.com
  291. U.K.’s January Flooding Surpasses All 247 Years Of Data On The Books – thinkprogress.org
  292. UK ‘Absolutely Committed’ to Reducing Use of Animals in Research – www.scientificamerican.com
  293. Unbelievable Commitment to Serving – www.competeeveryday.com
  294. Understanding The Paradox of Panic in Order to Overcome It – www.thechangeblog.com
  295. Uninformed or ignorant? – sethgodin.typepad.com
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  1. Tracy says:

    Thanks so much for putting this together Matt! These are great resources and I’m honored that you would include me!

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    Thank you for this interesting compilation of articles and also for including one of my articles here 🙂



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    Please tell me you programmed some script to compile that list, and didn’t copy and paste one at a time!
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      I created a custom database that I add to each day – the main list was the result of work in MySQL. 🙂 Thanks for dropping a comment, amigo!

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