We Forget Ourselves in this World

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The surface of God trembles and forgets itself, dreaming it is the sky it beholds… the sky that is nothing more its own shimmering, reflective mists. We forget ourselves in this world.

The sea is the only truth – the One, the Eternal, the inexpressible singularity.

All beings are the One, but most have decided to forget. Every time we choose to believe in loss, imperfection, or inferiority – we make a decision to forget the Eternal. Judgment is the action of ego and ego is the fiction of a mind that deludes itself. The ally of ego is the body, a dreamland vehicle that expresses ego beliefs. But it too is a fiction of these mists.

Nothing that truly exists is in time, for time is a measurement of the mists. Nothing can be lost.

Your eternal awareness was Created as an image of the One within the One. We are the host, the Sonship. We have always been and will always be. We remember when we look away from our mists.

Let us remember by beholding each other with the eyes of spirit.

Every being we behold is a different mask of ourselves. I am you, and we are them, and all are the One.

We cannot harm ourselves, but the delusions and dreams within the mists are easily scattered. Pain is the feeling of wrong-mindedness, spirit whispering for us to remember.

None are superior or inferior, for all are Created. Only the fictions we have made in the mists, our egos and their bodies, can be quantified and qualified.

Our only struggle is the continuing decision to resist remembrance. Every judgment is a choice of disturbed fiction over the blissful truth. Every attachment is a glitter in the mists that caught our eyes.

We forget ourselves in this world, but we can remember.


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