Forgiveness Affirmation

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Today, I practice forgiveness. This forgiveness affirmation is about letting go of disappointments and regrets, as they are based on false judgment or unnecessary expectation.

I start with gratitude, and remember all the things in my life that I am grateful for. I am grateful for my family, my most vital sustaining energy. I am grateful for my friends, who provide perspective and share without obligation. I am grateful for my home, where the warmth of hearts keeps my loved ones safe and helps them prosper. I am grateful for my job, and the ability it gives me to be a provider for those I love and of service to the community at large. I am grateful for my country, that enables me to pursue any path I choose. I am grateful for my world, which is the garden of God and the bedrock out of which my dust rose. I am grateful for God, that healing providence and Witness inside all living things, that provides all blessings and opportunities to learn.

I move to forgiveness, and I remember all the people who did not act in accordance with my expectations and that I judged as wrongful. I forgive trespasses of family, when they could not be as I thought they should. I forgive those I shared heart with, who chose to leave. I forgive those I fought with, where the struggles of egos gave rise to physical conflict. I forgive those I have worked with who felt the need to make use of others for profit or ego, for they did not understand the community of soul. I forgive those in corporations who chose to poison for profit. I forgive those in governments who chose to oppress rather than to uplift. I forgive the world, where I have frequently mistaken the opportunities provided by God for spite or malice. I forgive myself for all those missed opportunities, for all those times where I did not do my best, for all of those times where ego clouded my judgment and I did not act out of righteousness.

I return to gratitude, for it is only through adversity that I have grown into a man rather than a coddled child. The difficult people have taught me patience, the tough times have taught me perseverance. In each instance, my soul brought to me circumstances relevant to the purpose I subscribed life consciously or unconsciously. I reflect that each failure to forgive has been a block to my growth, whether it was forgiveness of others or myself, and that gratitude is the salve for all scars and the relaxation for all internal tension.

Keep on keeping on,

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2 Responses

  1. edna says:

    Dear Matt it is so hard to forgive esp. myself…I AM grateful for this article it helps to start the flow of LOVE toward myself and it begins with forgiving myself…Brightest blessings my brother and thank you thank you thank you for your sacred efforts to help us ALL

    • Matt says:

      I have offered up a prayer for you, may you find your way to the steady flame of spirit within all of us! Thank you for the comment, blessings to you Edna.

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