Form and Meaning

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When I’m chanting my mantra, the form of it changes very little. It’s the same “Om Mani Padme Hum” again and again. But the meaning shudders like entire worlds flickering in and out of focus.

Sometimes, I waver into ego and darkness begins to cloud out the light. Against fear and attachment, the mantra then becomes an appeal to the divine- a beseeching that the Holy Spirit recover me to love. When the honest request is met (as such always are), the mantra becomes a song of gratitude to God.

Other times, grace feels like a spontaneous song of creation, as though all things in all places chant mantras in order to exist. Into that rising my mantra then goes, adding to and contributing to the creative love that underlies the universe.

Outside of time, the mantra disappears entirely although I still chant it, and all meaning becomes inexpressible. Then I am a river and the divine pours through me in mystic words – the mantra is then a conduit for something higher, and blessed peace within underlies my outpouring of life.

My mantra has one form and many meanings.

Every action has a form and a meaning. The forms are pointless and irrelevant. The meanings you perceive in the actions are your living truth.

The forms of things are the concern only of our lower selves, our egos, who grasp on them as the means of navigating from birth to grave. A meaningless journey with meaningless markers, if you manifest from the lower mind – for meaning only exists in our higher minds.

Consider a bee. The form is an insect – a buzzing, tiny, perceived thing. But what’s the meaning to you? Do you see a threat to safety, a danger of stinging and a risk of pain? Or can you see a tiny benevolent singer who lives among the flowers? Isn’t the bee really a small errand of the material universe – a minuscule spark of God moving in His whirlwind of light?

Form is nothing. Your free will is the power to choose meanings, not forms.

Consider the work you do. It doesn’t matter whether you chop wood or carry water, ultimately. You can chop wood while you’re waiting for the miracle. Or you can chop wood while working as a servant for your fellow beings. You can chop wood as a dedication to God. If you pursue merely changing the form, you won’t find any difference anywhere – you have to choose a new meaning if you aren’t happy. The form will follow.

Consider the thoughts that spin through your head. The individual thoughts are simply details of the expression you’re trying to articulate. Changing the thoughts without changing the meaning of your message is pointless. Change what you want to say, and your thoughts will change so you can say it.

Consider even your identity. Your shape, location, history, and plans are just your form. They are nothing- your meaning is everything.


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  1. I love the image of a bee as a “tiny benevolent singer who lives among the flowers”. 🙂
    Beautiful post. Thank you. xo

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