Freedom from the Job Well Done

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"Dawn 1" by Jessie Eastland - Own work.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Worldly wisdom beholds the satisfaction of a job well done as a high state. In the ways of the body, the satisfaction of eating well is comparable. So it is with the expense of physical energy through exercise or sex. People desire the deep sleep after such things – the languid and expended relaxation of an empty glass, of spent potential and realized effort.

But such trifling wisdom is falsehood and darkness.

For it is far better to quit working with the job undone and to go wander among the flowers. It is far better to skip eating and feel hollow and light than stuffed and heavy. It is far better to vibrate intensely with unexpended potency and vigor than it is to be dissipated toward unconsciousness.

It is far better that the mind and body remain instruments only, and are not put upon the altar.

In a day, it is better to go to bed with excitement for what the morrow brings, ethereal and hollow, potent and full yet of potential. So it is in life – it is better to die with all those empty calls of the world left unanswered. You would not regret dying without having answered every telemarketing call, would you? But you would regret your deathbed without having wandered through Eden, without having known the spirit wrenched free of the body and mind – for in death that wrenching comes, and woe to those who’ve spent their lives listening to the men of commerce rather than the men of God.

Having overworked, now I retreat to play toys with my son. Having overeaten, now I retreat to spend the weekend fasting again. Having spent too long inside, now I retreat to give the dogs companionship rummaging in the earth among the flowers. It would have been better had I retreated sooner, had I left my mind and body wanting and instead wandered empty, present, freely with the little children and animals. It would have been better had you done that, too.

Yet, by the grace of God above, we are given yet more time to be hungry, unfulfilled, hollow, vibrant. You can choose liberation from mind and body – you don’t need to continue the domestication of your spirit by its manifestations. There is cause for celebration just now, for it’s once again dawned upon the children of God that we were enslaved by pursuit of the fictional job well done. As day chases out the remnants of night, so let spirit chase out the remnants of myopic fullness and lowly satisfaction.

Let us have tea with the morning sun and celebrate life here, now, as we reawaken to the Kingdom.

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