Full Satisfaction

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Full Satisfaction

In the worldly sensibility, it is better to be unsatisfied. To be satisfied is to be unmotivated, unambitious – an idler and slothful person. Indeed, the praise of work and the striving after enlightenment in the spiritual endeavor seem to agree that dissatisfaction is a virtue.

But, dwelling in the stillness and silence within us, we are satisfied with ourselves and the world. Although all our seeds have not blossomed into productive fruit trees, we have full satisfaction. Although we have not planted all the seeds we could, we still yet rest just while we remain moving. The fullness of each moment is complete. Dissatisfaction, insufficiency, and never-ending striving are edges of the darkness that blinds.

How can we have full satisfaction even though our seeds have not yet blossomed? We must realize we do not make seeds grow. Our work is weeding and planting. We do not even make seeds – they are given us to lovingly plant. The Master Gardener comes with His Rain – only by grace can seeds blossom. What merit lies in striving to force seeds to flower in winter?

How can we have full satisfaction even though we have not planted all our seeds? The bounty of seeds is infinite, there is no end of grace. Coming to worthy soil and having a seed in our pouch, we plant it. But if we do not have the seed or the soil is barren, there is no work to be done. Our work is neither to gather the infinite seeds into our pouches nor to make soil fertile. So long as we plant the seed we are given into the soil we have arrived at, nothing remains to be done. What merit lies in digging out fresh sprouts or planting seeds into salted sand?

Just now, this morning, you and I have been created again. In our pouches there are seeds, and before us lies a stretch of the garden. You will, no matter which way you wander, go over the patch of the garden you were created for this day. You will, no matter how dreadful it appears, find opportunity to plant every seed you were given this day. There is but a single task for today: as you wander, each moment look to see whether you have found good soil to plant one of your seeds.

The work is only to plant each seed when you find its ground. Your full satisfaction is walking with the Beloved, who is both the Master Gardener and the Life and Love that brings seeds to blossom. Your full satisfaction is, indeed, your blooming.

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