Getting Ahead and Falling Behind

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When you first arose this morning out of the nebulous lands you wander when you sleep, a waveform emerged out of apparent nothingness into this place. It spans the day, from a baseline in the early hours up to a peak and back down, to when will you again lay yourself down to sleep. It’ll seemingly dissolve as it goes “under” this place, only to re-emerge again when you’re reborn tomorrow. You are this waveform.

There’s the pack, which forever chases a blank banner around and around, and they would have you believe that there is no time for rest. Where they live, on the borderlands of Hell, it’s true. But you don’t live there.

There’s that internal voice that says you can get an advantage in the chess game you imagine you’re playing. If you do some extra work here or spend some extra time there, then there’ll be less to do and you’ll earn some leisure. But life’s not a transaction of debt and you can’t earn what you’ve been given.

The pudgy waistline, the flooded inbox, the incessant calls to action that seem to arise – they mean nothing. They are not calls to quicken your pace.

The slim waistline, the inbox zero, the completed checklist of things to do – they mean nothing either. They are not calls to slacken your pace.

The unfolding of your waveform arises from your intention in collaboration with God. Sitting in meditation or mindfully existing for just a moment clarifies the speed of the unfoldment; nothing “external” can indicate it. Optimizing your diet or improving your productivity may make your body more energetic or your mind more self-satisfied, but they won’t change the “burden” on you.

You are presented life lessons you must learn. You are constantly given opportunity to engage, to whatever degree you are currently able, in God’s work of compassion and love. You are made a student of the One and a teacher of those who have drifted from Him; this is all there is before you. Every other measure of busy-ness and success is as artificial as the heedless rush of the pack and their blank banner.

You’ll get there when you get there. You’ll succeed when you succeed. You’ll heal when you heal, you’ll be enlightened when you’re enlightened, you’ll be happy when you’re happy. The “destinations” mean nothing; there is no “there”. When that becomes okay, when you can be full just doing what you can in the direction of love, then you will have accomplished all there is to accomplish.

Forget about getting ahead and falling behind. As you arise, create and extend love. As you subside, heal and receive love. You are the only pace and the milestones, dear heart, collaborating with your eternal benefactor and healer, the Beloved.

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