Such Gifts of Amiability

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The Earthly Paradise
By Jan Brueghel the Elder
Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

I am always very pleased when people or animals demonstrate no hesitation or fear in my presence. It is a privilege to share a knowing smile with the struggling mother in the store. It is an honor when the frogs, birds, and wild mice do not flee from me as I garden. These are gifts of amiability.

Two days ago, a very large raccoon sat vigil outside my house. Last night, a young one – perhaps the child of the first? – came and ate the outside dog food. I was sitting there, and we made eye contact, and it decided I meant no harm and we stayed for a while together. In time, I finished musing and it finished snacking, and we leisurely went our ways. I wish for you to experience such fragile, contented companionship.

Just moments ago, the neighbor’s dog came and sat on my lap as I meditated. Not a wild thing, yet still we are strangers, and I am honored that she understands I mean no harm. Such gifts of amiability give my home the aura of a refuge of peace.

I hope that people and creatures likewise do not understand your boundaries and disturb you with love.

Although the gifts of amiability are not something we can earn, no more than any of the lovely things that arise in divine grace, they can never be received if we have hard hearts. Your travels in the world, friends, are your chances to understand just how many wonderful people there are. Your home can be a sanctuary for friendly wayward travelers of all species. Even your meditation and prayer practices can accept grace when it comes as companionship.

For all these beings are the Beloved too, and how wondrous it is when we can share moments with Him.

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