Gratitude for Meditation

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When we come to sit, when we return home into that luminous stillness and silence, let us mark the gratitude for meditation that swells up and passes through. That thankfulness and feeling of returning home! Not to our frames of wood and stone, no – home to that inner altar that unfolds like a lotus to the passing breezes. Such a blessing.

As caretakers of this, the household of the Lord, we are often called away from our chambers. We must sweep this hall or prepare that feast. We must attend to the new wanderers that have come seeking refuge. There is much to attend to, as we journey from horizon to horizon. Our loved ones, our businesses and occupations, our creative efforts, and more… crowds of visitors. Representatives of the Beloved, come about the Beloved’s business, needing our attention and gratitude and love.

But when we have helped them take off their coats and settle by the fire, the silence returns. When we have tended to their wounds and read the last nighttime stories to the children, the stillness emerges again. And even though that silence and stillness were the very tools of compassion and love that we could employ best in our service, they are also the very substance and vibration of ourselves and this current moment. We gave them form when form was needed, but time and again we are granted the privilege of being formless.

Our gratitude for meditation is thankfulness for the opportunity to be formless.

So when we sit, let us mark it. Without seeking to catch it or cage it and make it stay, let us give our half-smile as fully as we can to that ripple. And if we must be recursive – if we must think about thoughts – let us think about that gratitude, let us honor it with trust that the universe is on our side.

It may be that all we desire and strive for will not be granted. It may be that our prayers are unanswered. And even if so, that is not what it means that the Beloved holds our hands. No, the trust that the universe is on our side declares that when we need rest, we are given rest. The trust is that when we need work, we are given work. The trust is in the Heart behind our daily bread, not its form.

Our gratitude for meditation is nothing more or less than faith that our meditation is also the Lord’s work, that we are encouraged to sit companionably with the Beloved in all His forms and formlessness.

If we must be recursive, let us at least use the endless tides of mind to see how we are somehow impossibly still chosen! Still wanted! You are daily given the opportunity to sit with the eternal and infinite! Such profound grace.

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