Guilt and Gratitude

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On the one hand, I spent far too much time playing video games with my son and eating chocolate over Christmas. I read Stephen King rather than my new Thich Nhat Hanh book. I didn’t spend time writing or working on my art, or cleaning or finishing the home maintenance stuff, or exercising or improving this blog. The monkey mind recoils in disgust.

On the other hand, I played a lot of video games with my son and ate a lot of chocolate over Christmas. I indulged in things that had absolutely no benefit for my ego self, and spent quite a lot of time with my family, and didn’t observe the various restrictions I have placed over myself. The spirit beams.

If I listen to the accuser, then I have to now scramble to make up for “lost time.” If I listen to the gracious Beloved, then I must send up abundant prayers of gratitude. Because, although the ego would like to claim that the days have been marked with sloth or greed, I don’t owe any explanation and I haven’t created any debt.

This has nothing to do with “deserving” – surely none of us are deserving of our so many blessings – or with “a life worth living” – surely all walking with the Beloved is worthwhile.

The holiday was a celebration of faith and spirit, was it not? Did you not go into it thinking that every moment was to be savored, that you have been gifted this as you are given so many other blessings? If you didn’t, you should have. Either way, if you “over-indulged” – for Heaven’s sake, before you scramble to “make it up” – don’t you owe a little bit of thanks? We were given gifts from the Infinite One!

In the place of fear and anger, every gift from the Beloved causes guilt. In the place of spirit and compassion, every gift from the Beloved causes gratitude. Guilt and gratitude are both perceptions and choices – they are levels of consciousness.

May you choose the Kingdom, love, and gratitude.

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