Happy, Healthy, and Whole

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The quivering fear in most parents’ hearts for their little ones knows we can’t control some things.

We can discover happiness in ourselves, but we can’t discover happiness for another being.

We can take right action to protect our health and the health of our loved ones, but we can’t ensure it.

We can stave off the darkness of ego in ourselves, but we can’t create the thirst for light in another soul.

These urgently-felt, chest-shaking desires that parents have for children are the same wishes we must have for all beings. Yet, these are also things we can’t do by ourselves – these are weights we must ask the Holy One to carry. For our little ones, and for all beings.

Let us pray that all beings be happy, healthy, and whole. Let us pray it for the children, for the animals, and for other people. Let us also pray it for ourselves.

Dear Lord, let all beings find happiness.

Not the happiness of things, not in the achievement of all goals and acquiring of all desires, no, not that egotistical hallucination mislabeled as happiness.

Rather, let it be that all beings rise each day full of gratitude at the mystery of creation that raises us into existence.

Let it be that all of us wander through the green fields and lush valleys of each day profoundly touched by the beauty of nature and grace of earthly provision.

Let it be that we are forever presented with work we can undertake with a deep, passionate enthusiasm – not for the victory of achievement, but for the sheer undertaking and effort before us. Enthusiasm for labor, for building, and for both our own and all creation.

And let it be that all beings end each day with a satisfied peace, with a deep contentment branching through mind, body, and spirit so that we count ourselves among the lovers of life.

Dear Lord, let it be that all beings recover health.

Not the health of a static, painless body and mind, no, not that desire for a halt of all timelines and death of all fluidity. We would not avoid our own rebirth.

Rather, let it be that all beings find the strength to let go of our desires for particular forms of love, and instead welcome love in any form.

Let it be that all beings sense contamination on anything made through cruelty or enslavement, and that we find this contamination abhorrent, and instead seek purely the compassionate bounty of the land and garden.

Let it be that all beings fully experience all that which You have placed before us; let us all drink fully of the cup You prepare for us. Let all blockages of heart and mind melt away before the waters of creation.

And let it be that all beings eternally perish in winters and be reborn in springs; let us all be continuously remade ever more graciously as expressions of Your Holy Will.

And dear Lord, let it be that all beings be made whole again.

Not the wholeness of accepting limitations or resignation to endless dreary repetition, no, not that “wholeness” of the rut, white picket fence, and suburbs.

Rather, let it be that all beings banish the darkness we unknowingly foster by attachment or mis-identification. Let the cages of mind clatter and crumble into nothingness at our feet.

Let it be that none are satisfied only with dust or illusion, let us acquire the vision and taste for truth and beauty. Through this revised questing, let all addictions dry up and all compulsions find rest.

Let it be that all fear vanishes before Your Love as dark does before light, that all seeking for specialness be discarded for Your all-embracing Love, that all seeking for permanence be discarded for the beauty of ever-changing eternity.

And let it be that we see in each other ourselves, always, and that we love ourselves and each other as the ripples and variations of the same infinite ocean of love.

Amen, and thank You.

Blessings, dear hearts.

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