Heaven’s Shadow

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"Giovanni di Paolo 003" by Giovanni di Paolo
- The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei.
DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202.
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One way of describing Mother Theresa’s work is the alleviation of suffering among the poorest of the poor. Another way is the consoling of Christ as He is in humanity. A third way is the perfecting of a relationship between a mortal soul and divinity.

All of these descriptions are true, but each is incomplete. Yet all of them are also false, because we’re only tracing outlines of light patterns we see on a wall. The sources of the light remain completely outside the bounds of human language.

This problem of language exists in everything we attempt to discuss of a higher nature, and even if we attempt to mentally apprehend just this mortal realm. This place is nothing more than light patterns becoming visible against a vast backdrop of consciousness – the Children of God playing in a field of universal mind.

We dwell in the dreamland of Heaven’s shadow. In the current Heaven where God fully dwells, all things glow with beauty and love because of their proximity to our Creator. The light cascades to this place. Where it shines fully, the Kingdom becomes visible – but the cast light is not the source of light. Where the light is blocked, shadows of the things that block the light appear instead. The things that block the light are false idols, and so it is that we find ourselves in a land beset with greed, gluttony, idleness, pollution, and so forth. Yet the shadows are not the idols either, they are but the outlines of that which we place between ourselves and God.

Everything created with love has a corresponding part in Heaven above and does not cease to exist.

In your meditations and prayers, you encounter light and dark within yourself. Consider carefully, then, this shifting pattern of luminescence and shadow you call yourself – it too is Heaven’s shadow.

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  1. Matt says:

    It might be better to call this place “Heaven’s Radiance” or “The Shadow of False Idols,” but I felt it unnecessary to be pedantic about the term “shadow.” Also, for information about Mother Theresa’s wonderful life, I recommend the book Mother Teresa: An Authorized Biography.

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