Holy Levity

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Midsummer dance by Anders Zorn, Sweden (1897)
Anders Zorn [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Rough night.

My son had food poisoning or some stomach bug, and we got up three times as he threw up. This on top of serious sleep debt from last week when my mother-in-law had some serious medical issues, some lingering phlegmy traces from having the flu myself the week before, and anxiety from insufficient resources at work. I could go on – as any married family man can attest, there’s no shortage of little dramas any time we care to make up a grocery list.

It’d be a good day to play catch-up. I could spend the whole day getting ahead for work and shave the top off the mountain of tasks waiting for me tomorrow. I could also spend the whole day doing household chores – we’ve got a touch of Eckhart Tolle’s untidiness both inside and out. Dishes piled high, yard’s a mess, and so on.

So many little objectives of ego. Even my spiritually-flavored ego, the upward-glancing self-definition I harbor, suggests that it would be best for me to spend the time seriously – that persistence and tenaciousness is the way out of the slump, that sacrificing the day might help my family through the end of our little rough patch.

I could squander the gifts offered to me by spirit this day, oh yes. But it would most definitely be squandering, for it’s holy levity that I’ve been granted. For looking outside to the sky, checking in on my still-sleeping son, chatting with my mother on the phone… I know. God’s here, He’s come again.

God won’t be cajoled, commanded, conjured up, or called down. He is a personal God who loves and heals and helps and intervenes. He doesn’t respond to magic potions or clever slogans. He looks for more. He looks for reverence, obedience, and God-hungry hearts.
And when he sees them, he comes! And when he comes, let the band begin. And, yes, a reverent heart and a dancing foot can belong to the same person.
David had both.
May we have the same.
Max Lucado, Facing Your Giants

And knowing that the Holy Companion is here with us, this day – that I’ve got puzzles to put together with my son, that we battle-weary brothers have got to go outside and try the new Iron Man frisbee, that Grandma wants to see her grandson… how could I think of dishes, of developing new CMS web modules, of clearing the branches that fell in the recent rains?

How can you think of serious business just now? Let the band begin. Today is not serious, not somber – with joy and gratitude, today is a day of dancing. May you feel the holy levity, my friends.

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