An Hour a Day: How to Build Lives and Chicken Coops

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An Hour A Day

An hour a day. It sounds insignificant. Our egos will certainly whisper that it is, with their trained desire for immediacy and racing change. But an hour a day is the key to your dream.

Do you want to establish a career? Spend an hour a day educating yourself and getting your ducks in a row for that career. Before you know it, the weight will be on the other end of the fulcrum and you will find yourself rising.

What would happen if you spent an hour a day, without fail, exercising to lose weight? Or giving undivided, full attention to your children in one-on-one engagement? Or cleaning your house, learning a language, or writing?

My family’s current endeavor is to start up a chicken coop. But money is tight, I am not a good carpenter yet, and it is far more important that I move forward in getting my consultancy Peripheral Sight thriving. And my son’s birthday is coming up, we have five dogs with varying needs, and we do not know a thing about chickens. There are a lot of reasons why the project of the chicken coop might idle and wait for another six months or a year.

But none of that matters – we want to extend out the property and have chickens, and so I have been spending an hour a day on it. After work today, I am going to put down the foundation since I now have the basic frame standing by and weatherproofed.

Done an hour a day, the chicken coop has passed the halfway mark in a few weeks. Done an hour a day, I have the first pass at many pages of my book written. An hour a day built multiple rock retaining walls on my property, prepped my consultancy, and gets over 16,000 page views from JavaScript-enabled browsers per month on this blog. Perhaps none of these are huge milestones, but they are not milestones or goals that I had – they are just what naturally arose as I gave myself permission to spend an hour a day on things I enjoyed.

The most profound and illuminating activity you can do is meditation. An hour a day in meditation, more or less, will transform the very world you live in. That is not an exaggeration – your world is essentially nothing more than your perception, and as you strip away the blinders and false identifications you have acquired, you and the world are remade. There never was a difference between the two.

Your goals, identifications, and beliefs should serve only to orient you to the daily habits that you will engage in. If you point an hour a day in any direction, that is enough. The weight and intention will accrue until suddenly, amazingly you will find that the things you were seeking come and find you right where you are. So long as you strive mightily and desperately after them, they will elude you. But if you set them free and just rise and joyfully engage in your work, whatever it is, nothing more remains to be done.

Rise each day and spend an hour loving the work that points to your dream, and suddenly your dream chases you instead of the other way around.

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