I’m Happy Anyway

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As I follow my bliss, I hear people who have unpleasant or unhappy things to say. I see people acting in a negative way. Synchronicity doesn’t work sometimes and I need to recourse to another approach. I don’t always hit my target goals, and sometimes I don’t complete anything I set out to accomplish.

And I’m happy anyway.

I Hear You

I hear you, people who want me to adopt your dreams. I acknowledge your discontent. I can’t say that I’ll be more obliging in the future, because my path rotates on a different axis than yours. I can’t say that I wallow in the same pit, because I climb up a different mountain. But I hear you. I wish you happiness and a willingness to be responsible, because those things are different than your dreams of success.

I hear you, people who want me to bear your burdens. I acknowledge your feelings of insufficiency for the burdens you’ve been given. I note that you think I am stronger than you, that you think I can carry your burdens and my own. I appreciate that positive light you see me under. You are mistaken, I carry that which is laid upon me not out of strength but of necessity. I am given strength when I am given weight to carry, and so it is with you. But I hear you, and I will carry your weight if and when it is God’s will.

I hear you, people who want nothing more than the service you already have from me. I acknowledge that you too are of service, and that in our collaboration it falls upon me to fill your shortcomings. You want the speed, the accuracy, and the planning that I incorporate into my professional endeavors to caulk the fault lines of your efforts. I want that too, I want to be that for you. I can’t always be that, and when I’m not that I’m sorry you become exposed. But I hear your need and try to go beyond my charter every day for you.

I See You

I see you, people who act with rudeness, violence, and ill-intent to undermine the scaffold-buildings of others. I know you want happiness for yourself, underneath, and that your actions come from a lack of belief and faith. You think this is a zero-sum game, and that your own ascension must be on the backs of others. I know you’re doing the best you can, and hope that someday you can hear the voice of God.

I see you, my ego, as you continually submerge into the banal and trivial stream of time and re-emerge back into the clear air. I appreciate my own struggles in edging toward enlightenment as an always-new and positive direction. In my setbacks and failures, in my fears and self-involvement, I see that you want the temporal things of security, positivity, and mastery. When I see from my soul, I look down upon you and our eyes meet as you gaze upward to the stars.

And, God, I see you when you deny my self-centered efforts and gently try to point me another direction. I acknowledge that I cannot see the land from my depth as you can in your height. I thank you, fervently and with my entire heart, for those blessings you have given me and for the gentle hand you take in setting my sails aright. This temporal self of mine is both your creation and also you, God, in a boundless loving relationship of creator and created that is still yet non-dual. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

I’m Happy Anyway

Even though I’m not boundless enough to feed all the mouths. Even though I cannot carry all the weight and fill all the need. Even though I am called to greater strength, no matter how strong I am. Even though I am called to greater knowledge, no matter how much wisdom I find. Even though I am reabsorbed into the lesser struggles again and again, and sometimes my vision upward becomes clouded.

I’m happy anyway because, although I may not be all you ask, I am here for you and come through for you again and again.

I’m happy anyway because, although you may not want to look upward with me, I see how the light and glory of love cascades around us both.

I’m happy anyway because, although there is distance yet to walk, I am given legs to travel. Although there is weight to carry, I am given strength to bear it up. Although yesterday was not everything it might have been, I am given another day to try to get it right.

I’m happy anyway because, at the level of being and beyond this flash of lightning that is my life, I am eternally triumphant, forgiven, and loved. As are you.

Thanks for reading, and blessings to you,

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Matt,
    Interesting post and enlightening. I totally believe in being happy anyway, no matter what is put in front of me to bear. Happiness does not come from any external source, it comes from inside, when we understand that, then nothing can stop our happiness.

    • Matt says:

      Rock on, Robert – exactly so, I agree completely. I’m glad you liked the post and thank you so much for commenting!

      Also, your site looks exactly the sort I love to read, I’m definitely going to check it out.

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