July 2014 Rundown – 140 Links

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Almost every day, I add the articles I enjoy most out of the 120 websites I monitor to my running list on the home page. When the month ends, I take all of the links I’ve gathered that month and present them to you in a comprehensive rundown sure to buoy your spirits and elevate your mindset.

This is the collection for July 2014. Blessings, friends.

10 Highlights from July 2014

You probably won’t be able to read all of these in one sitting! So, while you should come back if you have downtime, here’s my favorite 10 articles out of all these that you should be sure not to miss.

  1. 50 Things I’m Grateful For – simonarich.com
  2. Allow Your Spiritual Eyes To Create Your Life – intentionsdaily.blogspot.com
  3. Charles Bukowski Rails Against 9-to-5 Jobs in a Brutally Honest Letter (1986) – openculture.com
  4. Finding Happiness Without Needing Success and Validation – tinybuddha.com
  5. How to Find True Freedom – inspir3.com
  6. Intention – programminglife.net
  7. On Being A Good Mother … #ParentalAcceptance – twowisegals.wordpress.com
  8. Pursuing Happiness When It’s Already Within You – zenhabits.net
  9. When Chaos Is Our Teacher – mindfullymusing.com
  10. Why You Need to Speak Your Creative Truth – forthecreators.com


The first step of your transformation is desire – you’ve got to want to do it. Even if your desire is spiritual, which ultimately means abandoning desire, you’ve got to want to climb the hill to take the first step.

  1. 16 Reasons You’re Succeeding in Life (Even If You Don’t Feel You Are) – marcandangel.com
  2. A Lesson in Beginner’s Mind – mindfullymusing.com
  3. A Weekend Free of Should – programminglife.net
  4. Charles Bukowski Rails Against 9-to-5 Jobs in a Brutally Honest Letter (1986) – openculture.com
  5. Choosing Feral – daniellelaporte.com
  6. Crossing the Threshold – inspiremetoday.com
  7. Do You Recognize This Common Cause of Unhappiness? – simonarich.com
  8. Doctor Sleep’s Rubies – programminglife.net
  9. Doing the hard things – sethgodin.typepad.com
  10. How Taking a Step Backward Can Be the Way Forward – tinybuddha.com
  11. How to See the Bigger Picture of Your Art – forthecreators.com
  12. Intention – programminglife.net
  13. Is better possible? – sethgodin.typepad.com
  14. Meditations on the Alchemy of Perception – beliefnet.com
  15. No clear difference between psychopathology of self and psychopathology of world – beyondmeds.com
  16. One Simple Change to Live a Happy and Empowered Life – thechangeblog.com
  17. Our True Essence – beliefnet.com
  18. Poems: Homecoming – serenereflection.wordpress.com
  19. Pursuing Happiness When It’s Already Within You – zenhabits.net
  20. Samadhi, a poem by Paramahansa Yogananda – programminglife.net
  21. Simple Guidelines for Living the Life You Want – inspiremetoday.com
  22. Sing a Song of Gratitude – inspiremetoday.com
  23. Staying Focused When Confronted By Adversity – inspiremetoday.com
  24. The artist who dances on the edge – sethgodin.typepad.com
  25. The compliant kid – beyondmeds.com
  26. The difference between impossible and nearly impossible – sethgodin.typepad.com
  27. The Embarrassing Way I Got Into the Best Shape Of My Life – thechangeblog.com
  28. The End of the Day Philosophy – zenhabits.net
  29. The Good News – mindfullymusing.com
  30. The Heart of Hiraeth – mindfullymusing.com
  31. Thirty years of projects – sethgodin.typepad.com
  32. To Create Your Best Work, Finish Your Worst – 99u.com
  33. Turn Toward the Problem – zenhabits.net
  34. We, The Broken People – neilsolanki.com
  35. Why We Talk More Than We Listen and What We Gain When We Stop – tinybuddha.com
  36. Why You Need to Speak Your Creative Truth – forthecreators.com


From inspiration we gain the articulated desire for happiness… yet still, we can’t progress unless we believe that progress is possible. Thus, affirmations bolster our belief.

  1. 4 Lessons from the Forest on Dealing with Difficult Times – tinybuddha.com
  2. 50 Things I’m Grateful For – simonarich.com
  3. A Prayer for Clarity – programminglife.net
  4. Allow Your Spiritual Eyes To Create Your Life – intentionsdaily.blogspot.com
  5. Be Present, Be Yourself: 5 Lessons from Dance Meditation – tinybuddha.com
  6. Beholding The One In All – beliefnet.com
  7. Creating Space Enough to Choose – mindfullymusing.com
  8. Does Prayer Change Anything? – intentionsdaily.blogspot.com
  9. Grief is subversive – beyondmeds.com
  10. How a Mindset Shift from Fear to Love Transformed My Business – thechangeblog.com
  11. Light at the End of the Tunnel – beliefnet.com
  12. Nothing Can Disturb Your Peace Without Your Permission – consciouslifenews.com
  13. Regarding All Dharma as Dreams – mindfullymusing.com
  14. School of HP: The Mechanics of Making Your Wishes Become Reality – inspiremetoday.com
  15. Solve Your Problems and Set Yourself Free with Perceptual Language – tinybuddha.com
  16. Surrender, Let Go & Let God – beliefnet.com
  17. Taking Control of Your Story – inspiremetoday.com
  18. Ten Similarities between God and Consciousness – consciouslifenews.com
  19. The Art of Bodhisattva Listening – mindfullymusing.com
  20. The Nature of True Power – consciouslifenews.com
  21. The Power of Convictions and How They Shape Our Lives – What are Yours? – consciouslifenews.com
  22. The Practice of No-Blame – mindfullymusing.com
  23. To Be Encouraged, Encourage Someone Else – beliefnet.com
  24. What To Do If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit – intentionsdaily.blogspot.com
  25. What You Need To Know About Spirit – inspiremetoday.com
  26. Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Always Work (and What Does) – tinybuddha.com

Individual Improvement

From inspiration and belief, we climb ever upward. Yet, there’s technical difficulties in some ascents – intellectual knowledge is ever useful in the context of a single life.

  1. “Presence Is a Far More Intricate and Rewarding Art Than Productivity” – lifehacker.com
  2. 10 Smart Ass Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Overwork – lifehack.org
  3. 10 Tactics for Peace of Mind – programminglife.net
  4. 14 Ways To Manipulate Your Mind For Success – addicted2success.com
  5. 3 Lessons in Mindfulness from Ankle Injury – programminglife.net
  6. 3 Simple Practices for the Cultivation of Happiness – programminglife.net
  7. 3M: Don’t Let Efficiency Ruin Your Creativity – 99u.com
  8. 5 Ways To Dig Yourself Out Of Depression – mindbodygreen.com
  9. 5 Ways To Find Out If Your Idea Is Worth Pursuing – lifehack.org
  10. 6 Surprising Factors That Cause Low Testosterone In Men – mindbodygreen.com
  11. 7 Steps to Take Back Your Personal Power – inspir3.com
  12. Approval Seeking Behavior: How to Let Go of It – consciouslifenews.com
  13. Boost Gratitude and Happiness by Remembering All Good Things Must End – lifehacker.com
  14. Brace for impact – sethgodin.typepad.com
  15. Burning bridges – sethgodin.typepad.com
  16. Common Meditation Mistakes You Can Avoid Now – lifehack.org
  17. Consumption Is Not the Problem – theminimalists.com
  18. Control Issues: From Emotional Traffic Jams to the Freeway – ajwalton.com
  19. Curiosity and the Advantages of a Hungry Mind – theemotionmachine.com
  20. Distorted Reflections – programminglife.net
  21. Do Testosterone-Boosting Supplements Work? – artofmanliness.com
  22. End Procrastination with the Zeigarnik Effect – 99u.com
  23. Feng-Shui Methods to Clear Negative Energy in the Home – consciouslifenews.com
  24. Finding Happiness Without Needing Success and Validation – tinybuddha.com
  25. Green Tea Compound Halts Cancer by Disrupting Cancer Cell Metabolism – consciouslifenews.com
  26. How to Be Prepared for Anything – zenhabits.net
  27. How to Find Balance Between High Productivity and Overworking – lifehacker.com
  28. How to Find True Freedom – inspir3.com
  29. How to Improve Your Work Ethic – inspir3.com
  30. How to Let Go of Materialism – scientificamerican.com
  31. If You Want to Write A Book, Go to a Boring Place – chrisguillebeau.com
  32. Lead with the Bad News to Make Difficult Conversations Easier – lifehacker.com
  33. Learn to Meditate in 6 Easy Steps – chopra.com
  34. Life Is Crazy Because You Are. – danwaldschmidt.com
  35. Living the Simple Life – zenhabits.net
  36. Meditation: The Minimum Amount That Works – spring.org.uk
  37. Permission to Sin: How Moral Licensing Sabotages Your Long-Term Goals – 99u.com
  38. Pessimism Is an Indulgence – chrisguillebeau.com
  39. Planning Is Overrated. You Should Do This Instead. – lifehack.org
  40. Poor Sleep Can Lead to False Memories – spring.org.uk
  41. Rethink Your Thoughts about Thinking – scientificamerican.com
  42. Secret of Adulthood: Working Is One of the Most Dangerous Forms of Procrastination. – gretchenrubin.com
  43. Small Steps to Reduce Food Waste – worldwildlife.org
  44. Some Things Take Time: Slow Down and Stop Pushing – tinybuddha.com
  45. Stop Multitasking, Start Monotasking – 99u.com
  46. The 5 Most Important Things You Need To Do To Be A Better Leader – lifehack.org
  47. The Best Productivity Tricks You Can Learn From Rock Stars – lifehacker.com
  48. The Delusional Fantasies We Live With Each Day – zenhabits.net
  49. The Most Common Eating Disorder You’ve Probably Never Heard Of – greatist.com
  50. The Secrets to Happiness: Lessons from a Toddler – blog.lifepantry.info
  51. The Six Pillars of a Strong Personal Finance Foundation – thesimpledollar.com
  52. Three Tricks for Dealing with Anxiety In the Moment – lifehacker.com
  53. What Are the Top 4 Dangerous Toxins to the Brain? – consciouslifenews.com
  54. What is Carrageenan? – wellnessmama.com
  55. What Self-Love Means: 20+ Ways to Be Good to Yourself – tinybuddha.com
  56. What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Respect Your Time – mindbodygreen.com
  57. When Chaos Is Our Teacher – mindfullymusing.com
  58. When to Say No to New Responsibilities at Work – lifehacker.com
  59. When You’re Anxious to Finish: Being Patient with Your Passions – tinybuddha.com
  60. Why Creative Side Projects Are Good for You – lifehacker.com
  61. Why We Don’t Need to Feel Bad About Feeling Bad – tinybuddha.com
  62. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep – 99u.com
  63. “Lock In” and Escaping the Trap – thesimpledollar.com

Community Awareness

Finally, we are social creatures… and we can only unfold when we care for others and wish benevolence in our communities.

  1. Biotech Reels over Natural Products Ruling – scientificamerican.com
  2. Diet during Pregnancy Linked to Diabetes in Grandchildren – scientificamerican.com
  3. Fast Food Workers Will Now Use Civil Disobedience In Their Fight For Higher Wages – thinkprogress.org
  4. Foreign Governments Consider Reverting To Typewriters To Thwart NSA Surveillance – thinkprogress.org
  5. Hobby Lobby decision makes it more difficult to regulate corporate behavior and protect actual human beings – earthrights.org
  6. How Big Tobacco Went To War With A Tiny Country – thinkprogress.org
  7. It Is Illegal For Homeless People To Sit On The Sidewalk In More Than Half Of U.S. Cities – thinkprogress.org
  8. McDonalds Loses Ability To Shield Itself From Worker Lawsuits – thinkprogress.org
  9. Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens – consciouslifenews.com
  10. Nestlé Reduces U.S. Waste By 44 Percent Since 2010 – triplepundit.com
  11. New Vertex drug combination for cystic fibrosis represents a triumph of drug discovery research – blogs.scientificamerican.com
  12. On Being A Good Mother … #ParentalAcceptance – twowisegals.wordpress.com
  13. Syria Just Had Its Bloodiest Two Days Yet – thinkprogress.org
  14. Typhoon Shuts Down Philippine Capital and Triggers Mass Evacuations – scientificamerican.com
  15. Untapped Plant Microbiome Could Help Feed Billions – scientificamerican.com

Previous Rundowns

Did you somehow manage to read through all those? Have no fear of lack; there’s hundreds more in the previous rundowns to bide you over until the next rundown is ready. Don’t forget, too, you can check back daily on the home page for the latest additions.

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