Labors of Love: Seeking Lightworkers

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labors of love
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There’s not any money, really, in the charities. There isn’t much in businesses and blogs oriented toward spirituality. Of course, both charity and spirituality are big industries – but that’s talking about something completely different. Let us agree at the outset, here, that the top charities and spirituality-oriented businesses are just empires with masks on. I’m not talking about such creatures in this post.

No, as I set out fresh in my own consulting business, I’m very much looking for small charities and spirituality-oriented businesses and blogs. I know full well, and I’ve already found, that there’s very little money and business to be had with these people and groups. They are labors of love, not profit.

They are wonderful.

There are bottom lines and margins to be minded, of course. And I have happily forged agreements with other small businesses, both new clients and those who have been with me for years. I’ll continue to do so, because – on the surface of things – helping small businesses with their websites is what my new business is about. But that’s just a comprehensible way to say that I’m looking for labors of love – which many small businesses are. Some are get-rich-quick efforts, others are flights-from-authority efforts, but a great many of them are simply this-is-what-I-love-to-dos.

The smart-minded businessman is shaking his (or her) head in dismay as he reads this.

Perhaps that’s right, perhaps this desire I feel to work with charities and spirituality-oriented businesses is foolish given that I am a family man and provider. Perhaps the human relationship should be a tiny factor compared to “target markets” and “business niches” that would be ideal for my business.

The smart-minded businessman started nodding when I started to give in to fear, just then. Fear of lack, fear of insufficiency.

If we weren’t afraid of failing as providers, wouldn’t we all choose to work with people who are looking up into the light, who care and love, who give their days to labors of love?

Ah, those of you who are working in labors of love and need help with your websites… I know you don’t have much money. I know that it’s risky, for both of us. But let’s connect, let’s work together – we’ll figure it out. A work-trade? Perhaps you can spread the word about my business in exchange? Let’s be creative.

Even if you have no money or audience. Even if you can see no way at all you can help me in return. Especially if that’s how it is for you, dear heart, and you think you need me, send me an email. Because I’m only really mentioning work-trade because of the fear, because it seems like I’m supposed to. It’s not my driving force.

I myself do not know the reasons and seasons of it, except for my certainty that the right people will read this at the right time.

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