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When our children and family go out from our homes into the world, we leave a light on for them. And we always pray that God protects our loved ones.

Sometimes we forget and we sleep. The sleep of life is self-interest; sleeping prayer asks for changes to our personal lives like wealth or status. Sometimes, we might allow identifications to become lodged in our chests and thicken the veil that blinds us to the Kingdom of the Beloved. But these times are hopefully just the distracted, temporary selfishness of childhood arising and subsiding.

Other times we wake up and remember the amazing blessings that we are daily given. We thank God for creating us and this world, for all these beautiful and amazing things. That you can read this shows you are a favored Child of God. We strive, when we are lucid, to take the gifts we’re given and spread them to the other Children of God as they were intended.

But, whether we sleep or gaze in astonished happiness at this brilliantly-lit, amazing journey of life… we leave a light on for our loved ones. It sometimes seems to me that people who have not been parents can have no conception of the depth to which we can want the best for another being. No matter any price to us – at the very cost of our lives if need be – we pray that God protects our loved ones.

It is best to simply observe all that which arises and subsides in the mindful acceptance we acquire through meditation, yes. It is best to seek to have absolute peace under all circumstances, it is best to seek to have compassion for all beings – it is best to seek to express the love that gave rise to you, yes, all these intentions are right.

But it’s simultaneously human, beautiful, to leave a light on for our loved ones and to pray for their protection. To allow yourself to love so intensely that your happiness and peacefulness are secondary considerations. This too is spiritual.

In fact, this is one way we leave a light on for the Beloved Himself.

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