Life’s Little Nudges

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Do you feel like you’re constantly dealing with irritating things? Do you feel that the people around you don’t support you? If so, it’s time for you to take a step back and get a broader view of your life.

Neither of those common complaints are absolute realities. They’re just interpretations of your life and you’re the interpreter. If you start interpreting the events of your life differently, your life feels like it moves in a different direction. That’s because your “life direction” is also just an interpretation.

Here’s a better way to look at life’s little nudges.

Irritating Things Mean You Misunderstand Yourself

When I’m caught up in my storms, I might feel a little disgruntled by the family fridge being fully stocked with non-vegan food. Or by emails from people asking questions that seem to be already answered, where I could simply copy and paste part of my original response to answer the new question. Or by the random pains in my back when I meditate with halfway-decent posture for longer than a half hour.

But none of those things are really irritating. The family fridge is stocked with non-vegan food because most of my family isn’t vegan, and it’s a blessing that there’s abundant food to feed them. The emails that seem like a waste of time are really coming out of my hurried pace; I have a chance to slow down and improve the clarity of my communications through such emails. And the back pains simply don’t exist – in meditation, it’s clear that there’s a fundamental difference between this organism and myself, that body identification is an illusion.

All the little irritants are confusions of identity.

It’s up to you to contribute to your tribes, you aren’t owed anything in response. The fridge irritation is false entitlement.

You have to repeat things that you didn’t do well the first time; life’s lessons repeat until they’re learned. The emails asking for clarification stop coming in when I take my time expressing myself.

None of these irritants exist in relation to your absolute, true self – they’re all just disturbances of false images, of your ego. Irritants, one and all, are just punctures of your ego – and why do you maintain it?

Feeling Unsupported Means You’re Choosing People Over Spirit

I’ve been amused lately by the pushes I’m getting from people to revert back to an omnivore diet (since I quit dairy). I’m also perceiving a distinct push toward overworking again. Neither of these things are intentional on the part of the pushers; my extended family and clients simply don’t understand my objectives. I find it’s pretty much always that way when there seems to be a lack of tribal support.

The so-called “lack of support” is just the winds of the community. People have a specific understanding of what other people should do and how they should be. They communicate that with the best of intentions, and it’s far better that people give you bad advice with good intentions than they regard you with bad intention or apathy. Blessings to my extended family and clients for their mistaken offerings.

All the lack of support should bolster your will and faith.

It’s up to you to perceive your truths, and to march forward under those banners with persistence and conviction. Only you can comprehend what does you harm. Only you can hear the whispers of your soul.

There is absolute blessing and grace that comes from the divine and infinite light. What can people say that can compare? The social flux is just weather. If you fight the whispers of your soul, all of the happy hugs and framed awards in the world mean nothing and you’ll find a way to be miserable.

Life’s Little Nudges: Riding the Track

One of my favorite interpretations of the life journey is that of the unmoving train sitting on the moving track. As we sit in calmness and stillness, life simply unfolds. We never move – we remain the center of the changing scenery. We are most essentially witnesses on the stage of life.

That doesn’t imply inaction. Even as we are unmoved, we create action and change. But the nature of that action and change is the speed of the unveiling of the scenery. Sooner or later, you will reach the spiritual destination of your life journey – even if it’s not in this life. All you control is the speed at which you arrive at that destination. Through acceptance and right action, you will arrive where you must go that much faster.

So what are the nudges? Are they really course corrections? Not at all. They are the spots where your ego and perception are resisting the unfoldment. When there are conflicts in your mind, the edges of your imagined self are snagging on the tapestry of illusion created by your spirit. Quiet down and watch your breath, and they melt into peace.

Quiet down and watch your breath, and let life’s little nudges help you get out of your own way.


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