Lightly Blessed

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lightly blessed

Do you have a job and food on the table, but dislike your job and can’t afford the luxuries you would like in life? Do you have healthy and whole children, but they frequently rebel against you? Does your marriage or partnership look great from the outside, but is internally marred by subtle anger or emotional distance? Are you among the many unfortunate souls who feel only lightly blessed?

We are given our daily bread, and that is profoundly miraculous. Before you insist on daily cake, consider for a moment just what such a diet would do to you. How long could you subsist on cake without becoming grossly overweight or diabetic? How long before your vision began to darken? If you are blessed to be a parent, would you provide such a diet to your child?

Let us not spend our time praying for that which would be disastrous for us.

If you suppose yourself to be only lightly blessed because you have income enough to feed your family but haven’t yet hit the lottery you’ve prayed for, the deeper blessing is that you haven’t struck gold. What lessons is the Beloved giving you in your struggles for income? What lessons lie for you in the misbehavior of your child? Have you elevated a falsehood to your inner altar that is causing a strain in your relationship? There is a profound nurturing in our trials and tribulations. There is a deep inner peace in a life journey that goes through deep valleys and high mountains.

If you feel only lightly blessed, you are covetous of the cake you see others eating. But cake is a deep valley as often as it is a high mountain. No cake could be better for you than the bread you are given. To each is given bread baked just for him or her. Today’s unveiling is perfect for you – perfect for where you are and the things you haven’t yet faced, ideal in divine design and immaculate in compassion for your mind and heart.

We must understand that the things we are unhappy about are also bread. Knowing that, we must then accept the blessing that has come in whatever form. We may be angered, we may grieve, we may be filled with fear by it. Even still, we must choose it. When you choose the bread you are given regardless of whether it fits your hopes and plans, you understand gratitude.

The deeply blessed are not those with cake rather than bread. The deeply blessed are those who willingly drink from the cups the Father gives them.

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