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Rays of Light: Listen To Yourself
By Fulvio Spada from Torino, Italy
(Rays of light) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

There you are – sitting, probably, without attention to your posture or the thoughts streaming through your head. The world bubbles around you, little pockets of manifestation arising out of probability, holding in tension for a moment, then subsiding. There are a hundred dialogues being held.

Your body is speaking to you. The food you’ve eaten, the emotions you’ve refused to process, the suppressed desires you’ve refused to acknowledge – all these little voices murmuring back to you in response to what you’ve said. Are you listening?

Your mind is speaking to you. The media you’ve watched or read, past voices of your caregivers and friends, the belief system you’ve built as a city – more little voices speaking up and seeking to complete their passage through you. Can you hear them?

The world – your world – is also speaking to you. All these events are not mere circumstance or chaos, but instead they represent the carefully-orchestrated guidance of the Beloved. In part, it is a reflection of what you think you want. In part, it is also a reflection of what the Beloved seeks of you. It is a classroom, a gem-polishing floor, a dance with the Beloved, and a rite of passage.

So many little statements and questions being put forth. When you listen to your body, your mind, and the world – you listen to yourself. None of this is outside of you. There is no difference between your temporal self and the exact current state of this feedback loop. It doesn’t matter how you interpret it, all the interpretations are only more thoughts. All that matters, to start, is whether or not you’re listening to the messages and whether you can fluidly allow passage to all these aspects of yourself.

As you listen to yourself and adjust your journey per the guidance of Spirit, all this half-digested flotsam is processed and vanishes. You become lighter and freer. You start to see just how strong sensations resemble heavy thoughts. You see that you vanish into the sudden bark of a dog in just the same way you vanish into worries about your ability to provide for your family. It can’t be understood through mind how all these thoughts, physical sensations, and contextual events of life are scenery passing before a peaceful and loving observer. This is simply something you observe when you’re light enough.

When the little statements and questions being put forth begin to lessen and this life simply becomes a journey with the Beloved, then you start to listen to yourself with a little smile. In the lightness of being, there is no difference between intuition and synchronicity. Nothing is outside you, nothing is inside you – the food was a part of you before you ate it, you were also your caregivers, and the Beloved – ah, the Beloved is you too. Only unbounded, infinite. Your journey with the Beloved is the journey of dissolution, where the vague outlines of the self you believe yourself to be – your ego – are dissolved.

When you listen to yourself as a being, you fulfill your essence as a ray of light coming out of the same wondrous One that is the source of all beings.

When you listen to yourself as a ray of light, the difference between a single ray of light and the holy glow of all creation becomes incomprehensible.

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