Making Good Choices

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Which route to “success” should I pursue? Should I give advice that might result in doubt and confusion? Should I refuse an old friend who now swims in negativity? Which of my feelings are actually spiritual, and which arise from my attachment and ego? Is there really a difference?

On the one hand, making good choices seems fiendishly difficult. Circumstances continuously evolve and appear differently based on our emotions. People give a lot of good-sounding advice they don’t follow themselves. Frequently, all our possible choices seem to be supported by scripture and spiritual writing.

On the other hand, all those ways of trying to make good choices are seemingly external. By trying to rely on them, we’re seeking external validation. And sometimes that’s good, but mostly it’s not. In every case and on every path, you must continually be aware and look to see which step you should take next. Seeking counsel and judging the merits of possible outcomes are good things to a point, but ultimately all paths are about continual course-correction, consciousness, and free will.

Making good choices starts with your heart. In nearly every choice confronting you, you’re being tugged one way by your heart and another way by your mind. The tugging of the heart is usually love. The tugging of the mind is usually fear. Simply deciding whether the pulling and pushing you’re feeling is love or fear greatly simplifies most decisions. Nobody wants to live in fear.

Making good choices is fulfilled through patience. Sometimes, sitting with a decision takes great willpower. Be persistent and sit with the choices available to you for a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month – whatever it takes. Eventually, you will emerge into a calm determination and focus of one choice over the other. Until you do, pray for guidance and continue to sit with the choices.

The fog will inevitably clear. The timeline you think you need in your life has no bearing – things unveil at their own speed, there is a higher timeline than yours. These choices, especially the big ones, are your life – don’t rush through them.

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