Manifesting Affirmation: 4 Points

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By Pablo Carlos Budassi
28.341.298 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL],
via Wikimedia Commons

This manifesting affirmation is a positive redefinition of how you appear in the world, focusing on how you handle energy and your connection to the divine source. These are both important aspects of the cultivation of happiness.

It is an internal exercise – it is not something you should attempt to do while you’re reading it. You should read through this and then, in silence and with closed eyes, do your variation of it. Visualization helps, but either way I’m confident you’ll benefit from it.

I borrowed from a lot of influences in my life while creating this affirmation, and it’s highly personal to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Blessings and thank you for reading.

Today, I manifest as a four-pointed geometric energy.

I start by tracing the lines of my manifestation.

A line of power connects my left wrist to my chest. It flows upward as the energy I accept from the world through my receiving hand contributes to the fountain of my temporal being.

A vibrational line connects my wrists, flowing both ways. This is the bottom of my triangle. That energy which I receive by my left hand is available for repurposing into the world through my projecting hand. That energy which I project by my right hand is available for my own collection and healing, for my use on my physical and mental boundaries.

A line of power connects my chest to my right wrist, as energy from my fountain is sent out to create positive change in the world through my projecting hand. The base form is completed.

Finally, the flood of my energetic triangle projects upward through the crown of my head into the whirling maelstrom of communal spirit that connects all beings. Energy flows downward from the cosmos into my physical form through this link as well. This whirling interaction of divine and personal intention is my connection to the eternal.

Today, my manifestation is a triangle topped with a ray of light radiating upward. I move to encounter each point of my manifestation.

I move my focus into my left wrist.

This is my receiving hand, through which I gather energy from the world. I taste the passive, feminine characteristic of this locus, and I feel how closely this inlet is bound up with the eternal fountain of my heart. I give my full attention to this point.

I create a filter in this vibrational portal. Today, no negative energy such as fear, hatred, or judgment, whether of myself or others, is allowed through this point. Only energy which contains the positive patterns of love, acceptance, and beauty can enter my form through this passage.

I inhale through this vibrational portal. I pull in the endless and beautiful parade of clouds in the restful skies, breezes over the grassy meadows, and rolling waves over water. I breathe in the gentle sprawl of the earth beneath me, all infinite patience and nurturing. I resonate inwardly with the gentle whisper of divine grace that affords existence to all things.

I move my focus into my right wrist.

This is my projecting hand, through which I push energy into the world to create positive change. I taste the active, masculine characteristic of this locus, and I feel how closely this outlet is related to the world that I perceive. I give my full attention to this point.

I create a filter in this vibrational portal also. Today, no destructive force or negation of myself or others is allowed through this point. Such negative energy cannot rebound within me, but instead will be transformed into humility and awareness as they are expressed. Only my compassion, love, and resilience can create change in the world today.

I exhale through this vibrational portal. I send out a wave of loving-kindness for all living beings, wishing them strength against whatever negative patterns confront them today. I express this wave first toward my loved ones, then to my mere acquaintances, then to all living beings. As my wave ripples outward across the globe, I smile and abandon all concepts of myself as I become the wave.

I move my focus into my chest.

This is my wellspring of energy, the fountain by which grace creates this temporal being. I taste the infinite mystery and profound gladness of this locus, and I feel the gentle warmth rippling through all my being from this core. I give my full attention to this point.

I perceive blockages and dark spots in my chest where I have refused the passage of life events through me, and I bless those flaws with acceptance. As I do so, the blockages and dark spots liquify and melt away, and I know that soon I will once again have the opportunity to allow these emotions to pass through me. I feel my fountain of grace rise as it becomes freed, and it floods my being with boundless energy.

I let go of all desires for possession and ownership, setting free all the beauty and wonder of life that I’ve attempted to freeze out of fear and anxiety. I resolve to love the flowers without picking them and to love the people without attempting to change them. I resolve to express charitable abundance without fearing poverty.

I move my focus to the top of my head, my crown.

This is my connection to the eternal sea of consciousness, the Beloved. I taste the blissful serenity, the calmness and stillness, of this locus. I feel the pure intention and single-pointed focus of all existence just here, just now. I give my full attention to this point.

I make an inward shift of perception so that I am no longer the temporary, mortal self at the bottom of this eternal ray of light. Flowing upward to the source, I feel the fear and insecurity of the traveller of the life journey melt off me. The fabrications of the future and past dreamt up by my ego self are also left behind, as I leave it behind. The essence of this ray, of my crown, is timeless light and love. I settle into the radiance, knowing that the end of my journey lies with the pure awareness of which this ray is a part.

Drifting down in perception, I feel the grace and compassion of the ray flood down through my crown into all points of the manifestation I have chosen for today. Each of the four points flares up with brilliant, violet light as my being aligns and clears. I place my palms together directly over my chest, uniting this manifestation into a single vibratory point cascading from the heavens for a moment. My heart overflows with gladness and gratitude for this day, another step of the journey that I walk with the Beloved.

I rise whole, holy, and healed. The day rises to greet me.


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