Meditating in the Rain, Revisited

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"Rain falling".
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Meditating in the rain is simply wonderful. I’ve written about it before, yet it feels new, a rediscovery, each time I am granted opportunity for it. If you haven’t tried it, you should – you might just join those of us who get a happy gleam in our eyes when we hear the rain falling.

For one thing, the winds that caress your face and the sheets of water that ripple through the air seem to quickly and easily synchronize with the So Hum breath meditation. Many of my sittings are no longer mantra meditations (I prefer mindfulness meditation most of the time), and when they are my usual mantra is still Om Mani Padme Hum… but the rain seems to naturally lead me to focus on my breath, which always becomes So Hum. The inward and outward synchronization is peaceful – the senses become aids rather than distractions.

Within the expansiveness of the So Hum meditation, for me, the sound and feeling of the raindrops become a multi-sensory beauty. When we sit in nature, which I highly recommend if you’ve only meditated in your cave, the natural world becomes a sort of orb within our chests (hard to explain, but wonderful to feel). And when it’s raining, that orb sparkles – as though the dripping and splattering has become light emanating outward rather than sounds perceived. Should you be so lucky as to experience a torrential downpour as you meditate, that gleaming may become self-shatteringly beautiful.

Of course, we are not to focus on the phenomena that arise during meditation. So, rather than these wonderful experiences that I have encountered while meditating in the rain, perhaps the highest recommendation I can make for it is just this: As the world is washed clean and as you become the world, you too can be washed clean in some way. I can’t explain it better than that without reaching for sensory experience again, but it is so.

As we approach this happy, cultural time of rebirth, I am grateful for the chance to meditate in the rain. It’s good to feel a cleansing granted to us from our holy Companion. Just as there is bliss to be had meditating in the warmth and light of the sun, there is a different, darker yet still beautiful, purity to be experienced in the cold and wet. And, in heart and community, I hope to meet you there.

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